9 09, 2015

Reflections on Samoa

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Some reflections on our 2014 Samoa trip,  By Charlotte and Melanie. On Sunday, we got up early to go help prepare a traditional Samoan Umu. We had been invited by Tu and his wife Lei Loa to experience this traditional Samoan way of cooking. Tu and his family are one of the few families to [...]

25 11, 2014

An Indian Tribal Village

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Author: Phuong Tang Standfirst: Gazing into the spreadsheet, it feels like there isn’t enough time. But for what? My gaze diverts from the spreadsheet filled with numbers and diagrams, and I stare out my office window, searching. For what is not clear. Tears well up. I am fragile in this moment, but contain my tears, [...]

24 01, 2014

A Thousand Gods

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The CERES Global group have a free day today – and Ben has gone with them climbing a mountain to the border of Maharasthra and Madya Pradesh. So I’ve taken the opportunity to fill you in on what the group has been up to. Once again – the India trip has been phenomenal. Every day [...]

12 01, 2014

Kit in Mumbai

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Namaste! I’m here in Mumbai taking a bit of time off from our busy schedule to write a bit about what we are doing. At the moment I’m volunteering with Apne Aap Women's Collective. AAWC is a NGO which helps to provide better quality of living for the women in the sex slave industry and [...]

27 12, 2013

Ed’s Cuba 2013 Experience

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I traveled to Cuba to join the CERES Global 2 week tour (ably lead by Ben), prior to attending the International Permaculture Conference, Convergence and a week of tours to selected permaculture sites. It was significant that the conference was held in Cuba, as Cuba is said to be the best example of permaculture in the world because it is the highest producer [...]

29 08, 2012

Glimpsing Mapuru

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How can I explain to you what it was like at Mäpuru. This is possibly one of the most difficult things I have had to do. There is so much that language cannot begin to explain and if I try, it is as if I will do an injustice to the experience. If I begin [...]