China & Sth Korea

In June/July 2017 we are heading off on our third trip in partnership with Latrobe University to China, and this time also to Sth Korea!

The emphasis of the China section is her response to transnational environmental problems, at the international, domestic and local levels. We recognise that China has an interesting position in addressing environmental degradation through innovative political, economic and technological strategies.  We are interested in learning more about these innovations from representatives of government, business and academia who are working in environment and sustainability at all levels.
Based on previous visits, we’ll begin in Shanghai and visit Shanghai Tower,  described as the greenest super high-rise building on earth”, then we’ll re-connect with a thriving permaculture community in Hangzhou with whom we have a special friendship. From Hangzhou we’re heading West to Yunnan partnering with The Nature Conservancy to explore environmental protection initiatives, CERS China looking at Social Enterprise with Tibetan minorities, as well as various waste & sustainability initiatives throughout the region.
On our first CERES Global trip to Sth Korea we are very excited to be learning about urban food security, local food systems, community gardens, permaculture, and alternative technologies in the Sth Korea setting. Over 12 days we’ll visit Seoul Green Trust (Seoul Forest), Creative Commons Korea, the Alternative Technology Centre, IFOAM, and Hansalim.
Once again the trip leaders will be Dr Ben Habib from LaTrobe University and CERES Global Coordinator Ben Walta.

The in-country cost of the 11-Day China trip is $1880
The in-country cost of the 11-Day Sth Korea trip is $1880
Those attending both sections will receive a $200 discount.
This price includes all internal transport, meals, accommodation, the purchase of carbon credits to offset airline travel, administration and project running costs. This price does not include flights to and from China, visas, travel insurance and items of a personal nature such as laundry, beverages etc.

Contact us if you’re keen to come along, places are limited so let us know if you think you can join us!

Find out more about our 2015 trip here.


Below are a number of videos made about the trip from past participants.

China Study Tour Presentation from Tia D on Vimeo.


Our next trip

Dates: Korea June 27th – July 9th,                           China July 9th – July 20th

How much will it cost?
In-country cost for each 11-day program is $1880. Those who attend both receive a $200 discount.

Costs of the trips do not include flights which will need to be organised by each participant.

For further details contact Ben


(03) 9389 0183


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