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CERES Global invites you to travel on unique participatory, cross cultural, educational and skill sharing programs. Each year we visit, learn from and work with our international partner organisations all doing exceptional work in the areas of sustainability, the environment, community development, social equity and education. The trips are open to people of any age or background wanting to travel with meaning and purpose and willing to open their hearts and minds to another culture and way of life.

CERES Global is a project of the not-for-profit CERES Community Environment Park, and all trips run at cost price. Fees include meals, accommodation, transport, community contributions, facilitator support, carbon offsets, pre trip preparations and administration. It does not include flights, visas, medical and items of a personal nature.

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CERES Global travel to various communities, and in doing so identify partners and community groups with which we hope to develop a connection. Returning annually, sharing our stories and experiences, we are able to develop rapport and understanding, and build long term meaningful friendships. With these friendships and ongoing connection, we find we are able to have a greater impact, contributing to a more cohesive global community, and address social and environmental challenges from a position of equality.
After a number of visits to a particular community, it is often the case that through community dialogue and engagement, an opportunity to work together on a project or activity is identified. CERES Global recognise that the activity must be community driven, seeking to work alongside the community, intending to overcome a social or environmental challenge. Based on the requirements of a particular project, CERES Global will recruit participants with a relevant skill set to the project, and in certain circumstances seek funding to meet the costs of undertaking the project. Often it is the CERES Global participants who will lead the way in establishing and playing an ongoing role in completing projects with the community.
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CERES Global News

2511, 2014

An Indian Tribal Village

November 25th, 2014|Categories: CERES Global, CERES Global India|

Author: Phuong Tang Standfirst: Gazing into the spreadsheet, it feels like there isn’t enough time. But for what? My gaze diverts from the spreadsheet filled with numbers and diagrams, and I stare out my office [...]

2401, 2014

A Thousand Gods

January 24th, 2014|Categories: CERES Global, CERES Global India|

The CERES Global group have a free day today – and Ben has gone with them climbing a mountain to the border of Maharasthra and Madya Pradesh. So I’ve taken the opportunity to fill you [...]

1201, 2014

Kit in Mumbai

January 12th, 2014|Categories: CERES Global, CERES Global India|

Namaste! I’m here in Mumbai taking a bit of time off from our busy schedule to write a bit about what we are doing. At the moment I’m volunteering with Apne Aap Women's Collective. AAWC [...]

2712, 2013

Ed’s Cuba 2013 Experience

December 27th, 2013|Categories: CERES Global, CERES Global Cuba|

I traveled to Cuba to join the CERES Global 2 week tour (ably lead by Ben), prior to attending the International Permaculture Conference, Convergence and a week of tours to selected permaculture sites. It was significant that [...]