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The Merri Table’s suppliers

Cherry Tree Organics

Cherry Tree Organics is a producer of certified organic beef and lamb. Their property Cherry Tree Downs is located in South Gippsland, 165 kilometres from Melbourne. It is a region renowned for its high rainfall and green grass all year round. The farm is fully sustainable with a running creek and dams on the property providing water for all stock and additional native trees planted to give their animals’ shelter, wind protection and to allow for re-vegetation.
The owners have implemented environmentally sustainable farming principles enabling stock to grow in a natural and healthy environment without the need for artificial inputs.  No pesticides, artificial fertilisers, hormones or antibiotics are used instead they follow organic farming principles.
Animals are shifted onto fresh pasture and water daily, this enables stock to grow in a natural and healthy environment without the need for drenches or other artificial inputs. They use low stress stock handling methods to ensure stock are quiet and content.  Cherry Tree animals are happy and stress free, which equates to tender, juicy beef and lamb.
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Gamze Smokehouse

Gamze Smokehouse is a family owned and operated business located in North East Victoria. They have a passion for good quality and locally made food. Gamze Smokehouse pride themselves on making premium smallgoods, everything is made by hand using traditional methods and unique recipes refined over time and using many years of experience. The ingredients used are locally sourced to ensure low food miles and they maintain strong relationships with their regional suppliers. All of their hand crafted products are free range, gluten free, preservative free and naturally wood smoked.

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Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme is an independent specialty coffee roaster supplying cafes all across New Zealand and Australia. By sourcing the best quality raw materials – the green beans, and then roasting them carefully the Coffee Supreme team are about to ensure the entire inherent flavor potential comes through in the cup.
They have a lot of respect for the product, and for the care, consideration, and hard work that goes into growing great coffee and getting it from the farm into the cup. Understanding and respecting the effort that goes into great coffee means they pay growers well for really good coffees. Coffee Supreme believes in investing in relationships at origin source and takes into account the complexities of sustainability when choosing with whom to trade. Their roasters travel to origin to taste and compare many lots of coffees we are considering, to get to know producers, and to look at the entire system that surrounds coffee production.
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Schultz Organic Dairy

Schultz Organic Dairy products are truly pure, simple and delicious. Made from whole milk of our Friesian and Jersey Cows they add nothing but natural ingredients. It is still processed right on farm, in small batches with great care and attention to detail and cleanliness.
Farming organically since 1971, three generations have refined organic farming to produce the best quality milk, healthiest cows and most sustainable farming methods. A farmhouse factory located on the farm produces delicate yogurts, delightful milk and cream and delicious cheeses. Schulz Organic Farms links your plate with our paddock.
Situated on 832 acres of very fertile land, Schulz Organic Farms is located near Timboon in the South West of Victoria. This unique area receives some of the highest reliable rain falls in the state. The owners use biodynamic and organic principles to enhance the vitality of the soil, grasses and animals. With their herd they strive to create the ideal Organic/Biodynamic farm – a self sufficient system that builds and sustains soil fertility through crop rotation and farm composts. No chemicals, hormones, herbicides or pesticides are used on their farm.

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Tom’s Paddock

Tom’s Paddock is an ethical farm located in Glenburn, Victoria that raises cows and chickens and provides free range eggs and beef to the general public. Over three generations, the Abbott Smith family on Graceburn Farm has aimed to create a balance between conservation, primary production and life-style on their 130 hectare property. Using ecologically sustainable farming practices produce food products, which are appropriately integrated with the maintenance, improvement and conservation of their environment and biodiversity.

This balance between agricultural land uses and ecological conservation is made possible with the use of high tech electric fencing, reticulated stock watering systems, land class fencing, native wildlife wetlands, stock exclusion areas and local EVC (ecological vegetation class) revegetation works.

Tom’s Paddock strongly believes that public awareness and education is the key to improving our food system from an environmentally destructive one to a regenerative one.

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Crumbs Organic BakeHouse

Crumbs Organic Bakehouse specialises in amazing organic sour dough breads, gluten free cakes and slices, as well as vegan pizzas. Crumbs create a number of products that are vegan friendly.

Owners, Marion and Gerald are busy making products for their bakehouse located in Ascot Vale, as well as providing delicious gluten free and organic sour dough baked products to other Melbourne cafes.

CERES Fair Food

CERES Fair Food is an organic food delivery system established to reconnect members to the farming families who grow our food, giving you access to affordable local, fresh, organic and fairly traded produce. Each week they buy food from local farmers and grocery producers at fair prices and stick with them season after season. As a wholesale buyer CERES Fair Food is able to purchase produce on behalf of CERES food enterprises including the Merri Table, ensuring that our chefs are using the finest local organic ingredients when preparing meals.

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