Corporate Volunteer Program

CERES is shaping a sustainable future.
You and your fellow workmates can be part of that journey by participating in team corporate volunteering at CERES. You can contribute to urban regeneration and to the development of resources and teaching spaces for students of all ages.




Practical Information (PDF)
Download this document for all practical information – How to get here, what to wear, lunch options, costs and how the day runs

‘For most of us, it was a day way left field of our comfort zone, especially as someone so eloquently put it “I don’t even garden”, to some it was like their regular weekend. Yet at the end, though physically drained none could really complain for there was a real sense of calm and weightlessness, something that we rarely experience everyday as we commute to and from home, as we sit on our couches surfing through NETFLIX or while getting familiar with our PS4 controllers. The day got us closer to nature, empowered us to create and introduced us to a community at the forefront of sustainable enterprise. CERES is a great volunteer activity, a good escape from daily routine and if you are around the area a highly recommended weekend excursion with the family.’

Kelum Wijewardena (Corporate Volunteer with NAB)

Organisations volunteering
AMP, NAB, Telstra, BHP Billiton, Living Edge, M2, Lendlease, BankWest, Vanguard and PwC