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Site Gardener Volunteering

Volunteer Position Description

Background: The Site Gardener is responsible for all the garden spaces on site other than the Honey Lane Market Garden. The garden is designed under permaculture principles and is maintained with organic methods. It consists mostly of native species, with some vegetable and herb gardens, a medicinal herb garden, and a lawn area. It is also the Site Gardeners responsibility to manage the site compost system. This volunteer position is created to assist with the upkeep of these responsibilities.

Supervisor: Belinda Kennedy

Team: The Habitat Team

Team Leader: Nick Curmi

Objectives: To assist maintain the CERES Site Garden.

Specific Tasks & Duties: • This includes work predominantly on the native gardens including weeding, mulching, watering, using natural fertilisers, pruning, planting, propagation as well as maintaining the compost system

Benefits: You will have the opportunity to gain skills and understanding of permaculture principles, organic gardening, garden maintenance techniques and compost processes. You will get some physical exercise (no need to go to the gym!) and enjoyment of working outdoors. The social connection volunteers receive is invaluable through connecting with the CERES Community and meeting other likeminded people. We are able to provide a written reference for job seekers.

Training: You will receive a brief induction on arrival and on-the-job training.

Times / Days: Mondays 10am-3pm Wednesdays 10am-3pm

Commitment Required: A minimum of 3 months is preferred. Volunteers need to commit to at least one of these days per week.

Skills / Experience & Personal Qualities:


• Reasonably fit and healthy

• Safety conscious

• Polite and respectful communication skills

• Ability to follow instructions

• Commitment to CERES values and code of behaviour


• Previous experience, skills or study in horticulture, permaculture, irrigation, landscape design, composting or other relevant studies.

Probation Period: This position commences with a three month probationary period.