A few weeks ago I noticed these two lovely ladybirds on my celery leaves. They were there for a reason; I had a thriving population of aphids underneath the glossy leaves and ladybirds and their larvae feed on them. These ladybirds knew that if they laid their eggs here then their larvae would have a steady food source. And that’s exactly what happened. Some time later I noticed the black larvae crawling around underneath the leaves eating the aphids. I also saw a tiny praying mantis gobbling them up too. I felt so happy that my no-spray gardening policy had taken effect. I don’t use any type of spray, homemade or otherwise on my garden, and that’s because I don’t want to kill beneficial insects that will act as predators. Sometimes the use of spray is warranted, on an indoor plant with mealybug for example, but in a vegetable garden the pests and predators generally work it out between themselves. If not, there are many other things to try before reaching for the trigger.