By Claire Mosley, Environmental Education Course Alumnus and CERES Intern

Connection to our earth and new friends, inspiration and new ideas and different ways of thinking.

On eight Tuesdays over eight weeks, 12 eco-ninjas began their journeys through the Environmental Education Course offered by CERES. Who knew we could expand our thinking so much – ready to change the world!

The participants all came with different stories and a rich array of life experiences and ideas. Some of us were teachers, outdoor educators, nurses, engineering students and childcare and hospitality workers. Even with such varying stories, quickly it became clear that there was a common mission between us all. We all had a passion for environmental change and we all were ready to bring change to the world by taking action for sustainability. We were ready to learn about our environment and how to engage others in these issues through innovative and creative ways.

Tuesdays became the group’s favourite day of the week. We would meet in a venue around CERES, and jump straight into exploring and engaging with a different sustainable topic and how to apply this for change. Lorna was our lead educator and put her creative soul into providing us with relevant tactile experiences, rich stories and theoretical content. However, this was no traditional classroom – careful facilitation meant the participants were empowered to contribute and build on their skills and knowledge to deepen the group’s collective learning. We were exposed to an inspiring bunch of mentors, who also shared their stories for change.

Without a doubt, a big highlight was being in a group of like-minded people. Having the chance to connect, share, and have access to each other’s feedback and thoughts. We could be our green selves and feel great about it!

Overall, the course was loaded with fantastic resources. We learnt about environmental management, behaviour change and community engagement. We gained an abundance of knowledge and practical ways of providing immersive learning experiences to help care for our wonderful world!


Course Information:

This eight week course explores different approaches to environmental education through 5 key areas of sustainability:

  • Water Use and Quality
  • Energy Use, Climate Change and Renewables
  • Waste Reduction and Organic Recycling
  • Biodiversity and Sustainable Food Systems
  • People, Behaviour Change and Community Engagement

Each session has been crafted to involve the learner in the topic. Participants will have the opportunity to workshop and practice what they have learnt.

Sessions 2 – 6 have been designed for special interest, individual PD days for teachers who can’t commit to the full short course. Cost is $120 per person, per session. Refer to the course outline for more information.


“My biggest takeaways from the course were about waste, healthy waterways, and behavioural change. Fellow students in the course added so much value including (but not limited to) climate change and art, and outdoor education. The resources are thorough and outstanding, the knowledge of the main facilitator and other guests/mentors throughout is exceptional. Excellent networking opportunities. Exceeded expectations on every level.” Shannon, May 2017

“A terrific, well rounded, informative and interesting course. I would recommend this course without hesitation.” Geraldine, May 2017