18 12, 2019

Waste Management in Indonesia – a Photo Series

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In April this year, La Trobe University student Alyssa Britnell travelled to Indonesia with CERES Global on our Living Oceans trip, where she engaged with our local partner organisations, built strong friendships with local enterprises, and witnessed the waste management crisis here firsthand. Whilst travelling in Indonesia, the group were challenged by CERES [...]

12 11, 2019

Economics, values and social enterprise

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Member Update November 2019. “It’s easier to envisage the end of the world than the end of capitalism.”  - Fredric Jameson or Slavoj Žižek (according to Mark Fisher) At CERES, we do our best to always speak to intrinsic values in people - those universal human values that are inherently rewarding such as benevolence, [...]

12 10, 2019

Falling in love with orange blossom

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Member Update October 2019. Every October we review all our achievements from the past year and package them up into a neat little printed report. Weaving thousands of stories together to create the narrative of community empowerment and change that CERES strives for, is usually a favourite task. But this year at Annual Report [...]

8 10, 2019

Pollination Explanation

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Hooray! Our male and female mountain peppers are flowering and spring seems like a good time to talk about pollination. Like Kiwi fruit, Carob and Pistachio, Mountain Peppers (Tasmannia lanceolata) are dioecious, which means having male and female sex organs on separate plants. If you want them to fruit you need to have BOTH [...]

25 09, 2019

Lessons on life from the people of Timor Leste

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by Tyson Rory O'Shea CERES Global intern Our CERES Global trip to Timor Leste in July 2019 was an intense and immersive two weeks, packed with opportunities to learn about a country still recovering from a series of tragic and chaotic upheavals over the past 50 years, and to exchange knowledge with a community-oriented [...]

12 09, 2019

The goddesses are gathering

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Member Update September 2019 Encouragingly, the Roman goddesses are gathering. Last week, two powerful goddesses of Courage, Wisdom and Childbirth - let’s call them Minerva and Diana - took the form of two local women and brought more than LXXX (80) people out to the Home of Ceres, goddess of Agriculture. Minerva’s husband set [...]

12 08, 2019

Melbourne Recycling Crisis

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Email Update, August 2019. This month, Lisa O’Halloran and friends got together to respond to the recycling crisis in Melbourne. Lisa lives in a council where recycling is still headed to a recycling plant to be sorted, rather than dumped in landfill as is the case for 31 councils across Victoria. Her rapidly growing Facebook [...]

22 07, 2019

Bare-root Fruit Trees Explained

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July is a fairly quiet time in the vege garden. The garlic is shooting, the silverbeet is looking lush and the peas and broad beans are stretching their green little heads to the sky. It's tempting to think you can sit back with a cuppa and relax! But if you have the room winter [...]