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CERES Honey Lane Aquaponics

PLEASE NOTE: CERES Honey Lane Aquaponics is currently not operating. The below information is general interest only.

CERES Honey Lane aquaponics is a membership based group who run the aquaponics system in the Honey Lane market garden.

We grow vegetables and fish using an Aquaponic system designed and built by Steve Mushin and located in the Honey Lane market garden. Aquaponics combines hydroponics and aquaculture to create a food production system that uses under 10% of the water usually required to grow vegetables in soil.

How it works

As anyone who has ever owned a goldfish knows, fish produce ammonia, and if this builds up in the fish tank or pond it becomes toxic to the fish. At home, and in aquaculture, this is often seen as waste water and is discarded and replaced with fresh water. However, aquaponic systems utilise this ‘waste’ water to feed plants. Every two hours in the honeyLane system, a pump in the fish pond pumps water through a series of pipes to sixteen soil-less grow-beds. The plants in the grow-beds extract the ammonia and use it as fertilizer. The filtered water then flows back into the pond providing the fish with fresh water.

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