Bike Shed x Melbourne University Architecture

Recently the Bike Shed Site Group was approached by a group of architectural students from Melbourne University, who were looking for a location and funding support for a third year design studio project.  The Bike Shed agreed to fund the project, and support the students in their design endeavours.


The project brief was to design a shade structure composed of printed plastic components, translucent plastic scales, and bicycle spokes re-purposed as the supporting structural matrix.  A prototyping process was undertaken, followed by design review critiques conducted with the Bike Shed Site Group.  The resulting refined structure addressed several design issues prior to the installation of the final work, currently on display near the Bike Shed work area.


The Bike Shed were very pleased to support this process, and look forward to supporting new innovative projects on the CERES site in future.  The Bike Shed also hope to use an expanded version of this shading system as a part of the new Bike Shed expansion project, which we hope to begin construction of in late 2016.


The images below show the shade system in various states of completion.

bike shed melbourne uni 2

bike shed melbourne uni 3











bike shed melbourne uni 5

bike shed melbourne uni 6

bike shed melbourne uni 7

bike shed melbourne uni

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