21 03, 2018

Philosophy behind a bi-lingual, bi-cultural school in Arnhem Land

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Mäpuru is the small and remote homeland community in east Arnhem Land that we visit twice a year on our weaving and living on country programs run by CERES Global. The school at Mäpuru recently became part of Yirralka Education, an entity that enables Mäpuru families, elders and custodians to govern their own educational programs [...]

11 05, 2017

History Of The Arnhem Weaver’s Workshops & Why We Travel There Two Times A Year

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In the far north of Australia, there is a vast tract of Aboriginal owned land called Arnhem Land. It covers hundreds of kms of coast, small islands and large tracts of sub-tropical Savanna woodlands. Here live the Yolŋu people. Not far from the coast in almost the very centre of Arnhem Land there is [...]