CERES’ Artist in Residence – Adam Buckland

Adam Buckland is CERES’ artist in residence, working out of the Peace Centre. We had a quick chat to him about his work, his journey, and where you can find his work once complete.

How long have you been our artist in residence?

Nearly five months.

How did you come to be the artist in residence at CERES?

I first heard that CERES sometimes has resident artists from Belinda when I was volunteering with her in the gardens (I’ve been volunteering in her team since January 2016). I didn’t think much more of it until about 12 months later when one day we were weeding near the Peace Centre and I had a look around the building. From there I had a conversation with Nick to see if anyone was using the space and asked him what it meant to be artist in residence at CERES. After our discussion he encouraged me to send him an application.

What is the intention behind featuring staff in your work at CERES? 

I want to create a body of work that summarises CERES. I believe a way of doing this is by drawing portraits of workers and volunteers as they are representatives of the park and it​’​s mission. I also feel it’s a good way to celebrate and connect the many areas of CERES. Finally, I wanted to make a collective snapshot of ​ the people of CERES at this point in time so there is an archive to reflect on in the future.

What are some of the challenges related to being an artist in Melbourne at this time?

Personally, my greatest challenge is to stay healthy, artistic challenges come second. I have bipolar disorder which means I’ve got to keep an eye on myself continually to be sure I keep balanced. The residency, volunteering, and being part of the CERES community have been wonderful for my health.

As for Melbourne, I find it a very inspiring place to live. There are lots of galleries, so much on. I practically live in the NGV in my spare time.

What are some of your favourite aspects of CERES?

The mood is positive, there seems to be a focus on looking for, and offering solutions. I feel what is happening at CERES is important. And the people and cafes are great too 🙂

When/where is the final exhibition?

The final exhibition will be at The Merri Table on​ a date yet to be confirmed.

Will most pieces be available to buy?

Yes. I’m thinking of letting buyers name their price… with perhaps a minimum amount as starting point.

See more of Adam’s work at www.adambuckland.com or follow him on Instagram

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