CERES in February: New Branding

It’s a little difficult to describe in a few words what CERES is. CERES’ CEO Cinnamon Evans, when asked by our friends and local good-doers Goodsmiths, says: “Every time I explain what CERES is, I do it differently because there’s no one simple explanation, and it depends who I’m talking to. The elevator pitch has always eluded me. On the face of it we’re a place. But we’re actually a lot more complex than that.” Complex indeed. So you can imagine when we decided late last year to update our logo, the challenge of visually capturing CERES as a brand needed expert help.

We were on the lookout for someone who would get us, who was familiar with this place, and who could visualise us as much more than just a “hippie farm” – while still retaining all that quirk and character! We approached local design agency (and all round lovely bunch of folks) Seesaw Studio to assist us with gathering our thoughts and telling our story. They accepted with enthusiasm and generously donated hundreds of hours of work. After conducting their initial research, drawing up a series of clearly considered presentations and documents, and engaging in several intense discussions about chooks and bees, the result is a bunch of clever little logos that perfectly capture the community, creativity and diversity of CERES. Warm, hand-made and approachable, our new ‘brand identity’ speaks of our 37-year history, celebrates our community in all its forms, and keeps an eye firmly focused on why we exist – to continue supporting, enriching and falling in love with each other and the Earth.

We hope you love our new face as much as we do. You’ll see it pop up across all our digital and physical spaces soon. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude goes to Anita, Claudia, Larry and the team at Seesaw for sticking by us, flexibly and expertly responding to our hopes and wishes, and serving up surely the most delicious coffee in North Melbourne. We love you.

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