The Language of Love

Member Update July 2019.

This month the CERES Board declared a “Climate and Ecological Emergency”. This public declaration is important for a well-known community organisation like CERES – it adds our voice to the global cry for urgent change.

The declaration also invokes action. It asks: What is the best use of our energy, influence and extended networks at this time? How does CERES engage with our community and together act as if we are in an emergency?

“Engage” is key here. In the face of war-rhetoric and panic, how do we keep engaging, connecting and loving each other and the Earth? In a way, the declaration is asking us to actually live that wonderful-sounding theory we have, that love is the source of all power and transformation.

Through our programs, park and people, CERES is asking people to “fall in love with the Earth again” as the path to dealing with the root cause of the multiple crises humanity is facing… Now we are asking people to simply do this more urgently, to love more.

It is tempting to go along with the assertion from some areas of climate activism that “fear works” as a motivating force for behaviour change. Perhaps this is true if we simply wish to alter people’s behaviours – which in itself is a form of control… However if we are trying to shift the whole paradigm away from an economic system based on pursuit of profit and exponential growth – and in essence, create a new system – then what do we want the new system to be founded on?

A self-sustaining ecosystem of living beings is not built from fear.

In his recent essay The Language of the Master, writer and “recovering environmentalist” Paul Kingsnorth asks, “If you cannot solve a problem with the mindset, or the tools, which created it, what does this mean for those whose tools are words? If this language has become a tool of control, what kind of language could be a tool to undo it? Another way of framing that question: what languages does the Machine not speak?”

One language the Machine does not speak is love.

Have a listen to Dr Emma Lee speaking with the Regennarration podcast last month on this very subject.

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