Community Action for Climate and Ecological Crisis

Member Update June 2019.

When you look at photos of CERES and the Merri Creek 40 years ago, it’s almost impossible to imagine what it would become one short generation later. Covered in construction waste and household rubbish, it was surrounded by asphalt manufacturing plants, abattoirs and deep sewers. Just a few decades later, it is lush with plant life, diverse in bird species and is a place of sanctuary for hundreds of thousands of people and animals.

One of the pioneers of the Merri Creek clean-up, Ann McGregor, says that before 1970 adults never went down to the creek because they didn’t see any value there. But their kids did. Even amongst all the desecration and destruction, they sensed a wildness there. For them, the creek was still alive. The dark and quiet waters offered a place of sanctuary and creative play that the ordered and well lit streets of the suburbs could not give.

Eventually, the adults followed their kids down to the creek and got stuck in, planting trees and lobbying governments. They started thinking more creatively about employment and industry that did not result in such destruction. The community gathered, planted the first seeds of the food garden and then continued to come together in the place they were bringing back to life. The results across CERES and down to our beloved creek are clear to see.

Young people open the imaginal space for a future that often adults have forgotten or given up on. It is from that imaginal realm that true change comes… We need to be able toimagine that a more beautiful world is possible before we will act as if it is.

With marches, school strikes and creative acts of protest around the world, young leaders are showing us that they can imagine a better world. We need to support them and stand with them. It’s not yet too late to act!

If you believe communities have the power to respond to the global climate and ecological crisis, please donate to support the work of CERES:
•    Training programs that empower people to take action
•    Practical skills and resilience-building courses
•    A place of nature and nourishment in an increasingly congested city.

CERES would not exist without your support. Without you, we could not continue transforming imagination into reality, wasteland into oasis, desecration into living lands.

Please donate to support our work.

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