Vote for the Love of all Beings

Member Update May 2019.

This week, a TV news crew came to ask us: “What is what the primary issue your community cares about in the upcoming federal election?”

Excited by the opportunity, we carefully prepared our messages. We didn’t want to mess up an opportunity to voice our concern about the biggest issue of our time. The lush community farm background was set, the hair was out of the face, the CEO was ready to go.

Journalist: What is the main issue your electorate cares about in the upcoming election?
Cinnamon: The climate and ecological crisis that is facing all of human civilization.
Journalist: Can you just say, “the environment” instead?

We probably care about the language of this more than most. But language is powerful. While we continue to see the Earth as “the environment”, we will continue to act as if the living world is a resource for us to use. We might even think of it as a complex machine, composed of intricate systems that we need to preserve in order to preserve ourselves. But the kind of courage to act that is called for in these times, usually only springs from great love.

We were visited by the news crew because we are in one of the most left-leaning electorates in the country. They already knew we care about “the environment” – it’s a classic leftie issue. But calling it “the environment” frames it within a leftist paradigm that is unhelpful, and goes directly against the shift in consciousness we need.

Love for the Earth and each other – that is powerful enough to motivate people to act against the military-industrial machine we‘ve created – goes far beyond bi-partisan politics, and is accessible to all, regardless of voting tendencies.

Don’t vote for “the environment” on May 18. Vote for the love of all living beings, including the Earth.

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