CERES in September – Artists and Farmers

“We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.” – Wendell Berry

Does the reverse hold true? Is a good artist a kind of farmer? Do artists seed ideas, cultivate culture, produce beautiful artistic fruits, and nourish the communities they are part of of?

It seems “observe and interact” is a common first principle of both permaculture and artistry. Recently I looked through CERES’ library of photos from events over the past year. Adam Buckland – our artist in residence – featured in so many of them. There he is at Harvest Festival in the rain, there he is at Winter Solstice planting a seed, there he is at a partnership event making new friends, there he is cutting cake at a staff birthday.

And undocumented, there Adam was at a Council planning meeting supporting our efforts to stop an inappropriate development. There Adam was at the easel for 500 hours, quietly drawing the community of people who gather here at CERES.

All this observation and interaction has led to obtaining a good yield. The fruits of Adam’s consistent labour over many months are 41 faces of the CERES community. Alongside the portraits are reflections from participants about why this place is so important to them and to the community.

This month Adam’s work will be exhibited for the first time, and you are invited to help us celebrate.

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