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Exploring the Intersection between Social, Cultural, Indigenous, and Rural Communities; and the Emerging World of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Business. 

Download our trip information sheet here.

Join us on this incredible journey and be part of our travelling conversation, our shared insights, and our growing understanding of an incredible country and its people.

Commencing in the capital Santiago we will be engaging some of the poorer communities looking at prevalent social issues of the day. From there we will head to Southern Chile where we will be working with our local partner organisations, fostering human encounter and connection with our friends there.

Trip themes & activities will include:

  • Learn from the rich cultural traditions of the Mapuche giving us the opportunity to share our stories and hear of their dreams and challenges for the future in preserving and making a meaningful living from their rich cultural heritage. This will include staying in the traditional house – Raku, craft and traditional medicine workshops and practices in preserving natural horticulture medicinal herbs and plants.
  • Learn about local apiculture techniques and issues of bee keeping in Chile
  • Meet and greet local agricultural groups meeting. Learn about changing farming practices, industrialisation, forestry impacts, soil quality restoration, organic farming practices, permaculture, and issues on community disintegrating.
  • Look at last remaining native forest pockets. Learn about the problems of monoculture plantations of pine and eucalypts in the region and what solutions and alternatives are available.
  • Hear from youth about their social enterprise initiatives.
  • Take part in a youth & social enterprise discussion.
  • Participate in a renewables and climate change chat with key leaders in the area.
  • Visits hot springs, rivers and other natural landmarks.
  • And MUCH MUCH more.

You’re representing CERES in what will be a long relationship with Chile, and we’re looking for your lead on establishing rapport, building friendships, and collaborating to overcome social and environmental challenges.

For more info download our Trip Information Sheet HERE.

To express interest please email: sophie@ceres.org.au

No one does immersive travel like Ceres Global combining a passion for travel and people. (Nicki, CERES Global Traveller 2016).

$1500 for 10 days (payment plans available on request)

CERES Global is a not for profit community organisation and all trips run at cost price.

The fee in Chile includes all internal meals, accommodation, transport, community contributions, facilitator support, carbon offsets, pre trip preparations and administration. It does not include flights, passport, visa, medical and travel insurance, vaccinations, alcoholic beverages, laundry and other items of a personal nature.

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