Choosing a new hot water system

The solar hot water system on the Eco House isn’t working and we are now using gas to heat the water which is not what we want to be demonstrating!

The current system was installed long before the time of any of today’s employees… It has been checked and it appears that it was cobbled together from disparate elements and many components are no longer functioning.

Although we normally advocate repair first, it seems this time we need to update. But what to choose?

Heat pumps are very popular, but it’s hard to see why, looking at this information from Sustainability Victoria:

How to select the right hot water system. Image by Sustainbility Victoria

How to select the right hot water system. Image by Sustainability Victoria

We did a brief poll of staff and found out that many people have solar hot water systems they are very happy with… Perhaps this is the way to go?

Let us know if you have any experiences of choosing a system and we’ll let you know what we decide!

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