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The playspace at CERES is designed to encourage “nature play”.

We are creating a space which is growing and evolving organically over the years , with a rich undergrowth of enticing forms, amazing patterns and structures…sensorial gardens…earthen burrows, sculptures, creative spaces with sand, leaves, bark and found objects.

Target age group: Pre-school

Thematic concepts: Play with natural elements, and creating ‘habitats’
The space is designed to inspire contemplation of the natural world and should grow and evolve over time with input from children, parents and artists. Explorers may discover new nooks and crannies with each visit.

Key design ideas:

  1. Design is to follow ‘Natural outdoor play space’ design principles. These are described by the Playground and Recreation Association of Victoria PRAV. Natural playspaces encourage interaction with plants and animals, water, dirt, weather and lifecycles.
  2. To find a balance between an abstract, non literal play space and the use sculptures, earthen forms and structures inspired by habitats (i.e. wombat burrows, nests etc).
  3. Landscaping to create a varied topography including both dense and open spaces which allowing for creative interpretation and hands-on construction. The concept could be imagined as a microcosm of Australian bush scaled up x 10!
  4. To offer a diverse range of natural elements for imaginative play. These elements may include: Leaves, mulch, sand, bark, water, bamboo etc.
  5. To provide some open multi purpose spaces which could be used for facilitated play sessions and workshops which add to the space with guest artists (for example weaving willow branches to create nest structures).