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Monday 20th February – September 2023
CERES Brunswick, Corner of Roberts & Stewart Streets, Brunswick East, VIC 3057
7-month course 

$200* full fee
(*fully subsidised course)

Registrations close on 6th of Feb

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Green Gap Year

Green Gap Year is a 7-month CERES program that connects you to a green career, so you can live, learn and earn for the Earth.

The program is designed to connect people to their purpose, the Earth and a community of learners and peers wanting their next life and career steps to be greener. It equips people to LIVE, LEARN and EARN for the earth. Each participant will have a pathway guide that will help to tailor their learning, work experience and community project building journey to build the skills and knowledge they want for the next steps in life and career. The program will also connect individuals with mentors working in the green sector.

We have two program streams to enrol in:

  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Social Enterprise and Green Entrepreneurism

The Green Gap Year Program commences February 20th 2023 and runs across 7 months with the aim for all participants to continue the year in the next step on their green career path. The program will run 1-3 days a week depending on your selected electives, project stage and tailored timetable.

Regenerative Agriculture Stream

HEAD – Learning and building knowledge

Core Learning Course: The Complete Urban Farmer
The following electives and workshops are an example of what will be offered:

  • Introduction to Therapeutic Horticulture
  • Permaculture Demonstrator Skillset (Accredited)
  • Intro to Horticulture and Permaculture (Accredited Taster)
  • Landscape Restoration and Indigenous Ecology
  • Guest speakers to discuss careers and success stories

HAND – Applying your skills at CERES

Volunteer and gain work experience in Honey Lane Market Garden, Propagation, Joe’s Garden and with our Site Horticulture and park management team. We have tailored this stage of the project to get the perfect blend of volunteer experiences at CERES from our working farm, permaculture and horticulture enterprises.

Earth Service and Professional Practice

This important part of the program may include working with or creating a community based project, and/or building on and using existing networks via a self devised activity. Participants may spend this time being an ‘apprentice’ farmer with one of our organic suppliers or interning with a local food business. We will help you connect with local community groups, local farmers, Micro-Ag businesses, community gardens and other agricultural and food systems based partners in our networks. Pathway guides will help you shape what professional practice project or experience works for you.


Social Enterprise & Green Entrepreneurism Stream

HEAD – Learning and building knowledge

Core Learning Course: Intro to Social Enterprise and how to build a Micro-Business

Electives and ongoing learning opportunities will include:

  • Social Enterprise tours
  • Guest speakers to discuss careers and success stories
  • Business and career skill building sessions
  • On demand learning
  • Access to our artisanal workshops that match your social enterprise ideas.

HAND – Applying your skills at CERES

We have designed a multi-social enterprise volunteer and work experience program over 2 months. At CERES we have access to social enterprises in Farm, Nursery, Food, Service, Retail, Hospitality and Ethical Trade. Participants will choose the volunteer and work experience program that aligns most with their green business passions and goals.

Earth Service and Professional Practice

Real world application of the knowledge, skills and work experiences. The Social Enterprise stream will include devising business plans and pitches linked to the creation of new green enterprise ideas, supporting internships through our external social enterprise networks and linking up with SENVIC (Social Enterprise Network Victoria). We will also be providing spaces and events for market days and “business fairs” for people to share concepts and products with the community and your family and friends. Pathway guides will help you shape what professional practice project or experience works for you.

In the program you will be guided through the following 4 stages of deep learning:

  1. Heart: Connection to self, others, nature & a purpose
  2. Head: Learning & gaining knowledge through CORE courses and electives to match passions and goals
  3. Hands: Applied skills & real-world experiences through volunteering, mentor support and work experience
  4. Earth Service: Demonstrating initiative, innovation, self-management & professional practice through community projects, internships, business pitches & plans.

Green Pathway guides help build your journey to match your purpose, and learning and career needs. Participants will start with Stage 1. activating their HEART and passions by defining their purpose, connecting to their core values, experiencing nature connection, and understanding how to build wellbeing and resilience. They will learn about green career skills and setting goals, systems thinking and community engagement.

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Refund Policy

CERES reserves the right to cancel courses or workshops due to insufficient numbers.
If we cancel the course or workshop you will be entitled to a 100% refund, or you may choose to transfer to another date, subject to availability.

If you decide to withdraw 7 or more days prior to the course or workshop date CERES will retain a 10% administration fee.
If you decide to withdraw less than 7 days prior to the course or workshop date CERES will retain 100% of your workshop fee.

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