Climate and Ecological Crisis Resources

CERES is an advocate for immediate and urgent action on the climate and ecological crisis we now face. Here are some key resources you can use to learn more, take action, and give back to protect the Earth and her future.

View our response to the Climate & Ecological Crisis here.



Provides a general overview and key facts on the climate and ecological crisis.

Skeptical Science

A FAQ on the CEC addressing common questions and misconceptions.

Climate Reality

Al Gore’s project on spreading awareness and understanding the urgency of the CEC.

The Guardian

Articles on the current global impacts of CEC.

What Lies Beneath

Addresses how the IPCC may be underestimating the severity of the CEC.


An in-depth look at the impacts of the CEC in Australia.

The Australia Institute

Current research on the CEC in Australia, with a focus on government and policy.


Current research on the CEC in Australia, with a focus on realistic net-zero strategies.

Statistics & Data Visualisations

Climate Stripes

A colourful visualisation of warming global temperatures.

Is It Hot Right Now?

Compares temperatures in Australian cities today to the expected average.

How Much Warmer is Your City?

A map that explores changing temperatures in cities around the world.

Electricity Map

A global, real-time map of electricity generation by region.

The Keeling Curve

Tracks real-time CO2 ppm levels in the atmosphere.


Climate Messaging

A booklet explaining key concepts of communicating CEC effectively.

Climate Interactive

Games, simulations and data visualisations about CEC that are free to adapt and use.

Sustainability Games

A compilation of sustainability games and how they have been used.

Action & Activism

CACE: Individual Lifestyles

Outlines individual lifestyle changes and leadership actions to combat CEC.

Climate Action ABCs

A step-by-step breakdown of effective action in the face of CEC.

Market Forces

Lists banks, superannuations etc. in Australia that invest in fossil fuels.

CACE: Post-Declaration

A guide to CEC goals and targets for local councils.

Beyond Zero Emissions

A think tank that researches solutions to help Australia reach negative emissions.

Project Drawdown

Quantifies the impacts of climate solutions and reviews their practicality.

Extinction Rebellion

A global movement fighting against the CEC.

Fridays for Future

Guide to youth-led climate strikes around the world, started by Greta Thunberg.

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