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CERES Vocational Education and Training (VET) Programs

VET Programs are designed to provide individuals with opportunities to:

  • Gain practical entry level industry skills and experience under the guidance of industry experts
  • Build on and further develop existing industry knowledge and experience
  • Explore and get a taste of a range of possible industry training and employment pathways

CERES is committed to providing innovative programs in the areas of Horticulture, Permaculture, Hospitality, Environmental Education and Sustainable Events that meet the diverse needs of our varied learners and are informed by and delivered alongside our dynamic social enterprises. Below is further information on our wide range of VET programs.

Intro to Horticulture

3 unit taster course for Adults

27th February – Enrol Now

 Call 9389 0127 or email

Accredited Training

CERES is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO TOID 3686) and currently offers the nationally recognised Certificate II in Horticulture (AHC20416).

Cert II in Horticulture (AHC20416)

Undertaking the Cert II in Horticulture at CERES provides students with a range of skills and units that are transferable to further study or a career in horticulture and other allied fields such as parks and gardens, nurseries and landscaping. Students may be involved in propagation, planting and pruning trees and shrubs, landscaping and building, plant and weed identification, laying irrigation systems, harvesting plants and applying environmentally sustainable work practices. This course is perfect for students who enjoy working in the outdoors. CERES Community Environment Park, a 4.5 hectare farm in East Brunswick, provides the perfect outdoor classroom for a hands-on, immersion learning experience. Our Honey Lane Organic Market Garden, Propagation Area, Permaculture and Bushfood Nursery and extensive productive site provides a unique learnscape for students. Horticulture students are involved in the full garden cycle from planting the seed to harvesting the crops and building and landscaping projects.

For Schools – VETIS & tailored group programs

We currently offer tailored programs for school groups as well as a Wednesday VETIS program for individual Years 10-12 students undertaking VET or VCAL. Contact our VET Co-ordinator Karen Mengell via or phone 9389 0127.

For Adults – Introduction to Horticulture

We also offer a Certificate II Horticulture Taster program of 3 units for individual adults who are not sure as to whether accredited training is for them, or whether Horticulture is the right pathway or who are simply not able to commit to a full course at this stage. Further information for this Introduction to Horticulture program including dates and fees can be downloaded here: Intro to Horticulture Course Information

“I loved the class discussions, learnt a lot from seeing what and how others approached things. I enjoyed it all – it was a great way to see if I want to continue study which I will” 2018 Participant

“I really enjoyed the content, the balance of hands on and theoretical work. … a wonderful trainer and the group work was terrific” – 2018 Participant

“The Trainers knowledge and the varied content from week to week kept it always interesting” – 2018 Participant

“Overall, It’s been such a wonderful learning experience, and I’ve really enjoyed being part of the group undertaking this course” – 2018 Participant

PLEASE NOTE we are only able to enrol domestic students in this course.

Pre-accredited Training 

CERES is an approved Learn Local Organisation (LLO) registered with the Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board. ACFE funds places on approved pre-accredited courses for those who meet eligibility criteria. These short courses run over 8 to 14 sessions and are designed to provide industry tasters and stepping stones into further training and/or employment.

Courses available to eligible students in 2020 through this program are:

  • Sustainable Gardening – an introductory course to the basics of sustainable horticulture methods and principles
  • Complete Urban Farmer – this course focuses on a range of components of organic urban food production including permaculture principles, beekeeping
  • Introduction to Therapeutic Horticulture – Learn about the wide variety of techniques and processes where gardens and garden based activities are used to support the physical, mental and social health of individuals
  • Introduction to Landscaping and Garden Maintenance – Learn the basics of how to design, create and maintain a garden
  • Environmental Education – Provides skills in environmental management, education, behaviour change and communication
  • Green Roofs, Green Walls – an introduction to the growing industry of rooftop and vertical gardening
  • Ecologically Sustainable Landscapes –  an introduction to conserving ecosystems and creating sustainable urban landscapes
  • Circular Economy & Zero Waste Systems – explore opportunities in the ‘circular economy’ through innovative sustainable design and practices.  (More information to follow)

PLEASE NOTE  if you are not eligible for a subsidised place you can still enrol in these courses as a fee-for-service participant.

Other Courses

CERES offers a wide range of fee-for-service short courses and workshops that can also provide the inspiration for future training or employment pathways or broaden your skill base. For further information go to:

CERES can also design non-accredited horticulture and hospitality training for schools or other groups. Perhaps your school would like to create a kitchen garden or indigenous oasis on your site? Perhaps you have a group of clients who would benefit from a Hospitality Taster course? We are happy to meet with you and design a program that meets your needs.

Pathways Planning

The Inner North Community Foundation have funded CERES in 2019-2020 to offer individual career pathways support in Horticulture, Permaculture and Environmental Education for local people who:

… are currently underemployed or unemployed

… have experienced barriers to participating in training, gaining work experience or securing employment

…. Would benefit from individualised support in exploring training and employment options and opportunities

Preference is given to those residing in Moreland, Yarra and Darebin LGAs but others may participate.

If you want to explore your eligibility for this program or book an interview time please contact Karen Mengell, VET Co-ordinator & Pathways Planning Officer via or 9389 0127

PLEASE NOTE that if you do not hold permanent residency in Australia we are unable to offer you subsidised training.