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Courses Testimonials

Sharing some of our latest Course love with you!

Environmental Education Course

My biggest takeaways from the course were about waste, healthy waterways, and behavioural change. Fellow students in the course added so much value including (but not limited to) climate change and art, and outdoor education. The resources are thorough and outstanding, the knowledge of the main facilitator and other guests/mentors throughout is exceptional. Excellent networking opportunities. Exceeded expectations on every level.

Braided Rag Rugs with Ilka White

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. It was fun to learn a new skill, and especially to learn a new craft that doesn’t require buying more craft equipment. A very calming pastime.

This was a great class – relaxed, fun and inspirational. Ilka is a great teacher. I learnt a lot and came away with the confidence to just “have a go”. The samples, demonstrations and links to useful websites was very helpful. I have just finished my first rug and am very pleased with the results. The room was well set up and great to be able to make a cuppa when we wanted and the toilets were close by too. Ceres is always a beautiful place to visit and we enjoyed sitting in the sun and listening to some great music at Ceres market over lunch.

Complete Urban Farmer Course

A wonderful overview of how to maximise your garden as a city dweller and the principles of permaculture. Justin was knowledgeable and funny- highly recommend this course!

What an awesome course! Justin shares his wisdom, tips, knowledge and easy to follow classes A great mix of class time and then ‘hands on’ time Such a comprehensive course and Justin teaches it perfectly It’s given me the confidence to really step into my own garden and implement the things I have learnt to make my garden haven Happy to recommend to anyone keen to learn more about sustainability in the garden ?

Gardening in Small Spaces with Carol Henderson

This was a wonderful class! Small class size and the content was easily tailored to individual interests and requests. Would highly recommend 🙂

Fermentation Veg Ferments and Cultured Condiments

This course was great fun. A good introduction to the subject. Also the lunch provided a different “twist” on types of food that can be fermented and how they can be used.

Sustainable Gardening Course

I have some gardening experience, others had more than me, several had less – we all learned a great deal from this course. If you want to start a garden or fine tune your existing skills you need to do this workshop. It’s brilliant. Additionally the teacher is a living gardening legend, what a resource! He is extremely knowledgeable and supportive, not to mention highly engaging and oft times entertaining. My confidence, skills and knowledge have grown immensely and I’m already reaping the rewards in my garden (fact).

Environmental Education Course – Professional Development Days

Empowering, inspiring, relevant to my field of work, presentation of course materials was engaging and allowed me to build my professional capacity to embed sustainability into my curriculum and practice.