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Tours at CERES

toursCERES Guided Tours are led by trained sustainability educators who can discuss the history, governance, programs and displays in this distinctive place.

For Early Childhood or School Excursion please click here for more information.

Tours can be catered to all interests and cover a wide range of topics including innovative local solutions to energy and water sustainability, food production and distribution and community participation.

Tour topics can include: Sustainable Water Use, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicle innovations, community participation and environmentally sustainable building design.

We also have a variety of food based tours that explore Community Food Systems, Urban Organic Farming, Organic Food Markets, Food Based Social Enterprises.

When: Tours typically run on weekdays between 9 am and 4pm for 1 – 2 hours. Weekends can be booked by special arrangement only.

Please note: 
  • Groups must provide detail of requirements using the enquiry form on this page and are only booked on confirmation. Confirmation of tour depends on staff availability at the time – especially for more focused tours.
  • A cost is included for all guided tours. The fee is a flat rate per group. Maximum group size is 25 participants; there is no minimum number of participants.
  • Tour staff prefer a minimum of 1 weeks notice so staff can be arranged.

Finish your tour with a visit to our restaurant for breakfast or lunch from 9am-3pm, or the Market café open from 9am-5pm.

Specialist Tours
Specialist tour topics include:

General Tour – gives an overview of CERES innovative local solutions to energy and water sustainability, food production and distribution and community building. Participants see hands on education in action and encounter successful social enterprises that combine principles of equity and sustainability.

ESL – A general site tour with an opportunity to practise English language and sustainability-related vocabulary.

Sustainable Water Use – Focuses on water technology systems on site including rainwater harvest and use, stormwater harvest, treatment and use, grey-water recycling and waste water treatment, photo-voltaic (PV) water pumping, solar hot water and hydronic heating systems.

Renewable Energy – Focuses on renewable energy technologies at CERES including solar, wind, biogas, Electric Vehicle innovations and other new technologies.

Environmentally Sustainable Building – Focuses on the principles of sustainable building design incorporated into buildings and structures on the site.

Ecotourism – Focuses on how the principles of Ecotourism apply to CERES and includes a discussion of how those principles can be applied elsewhere.
Environmental Education in the Field – Explores the philosophy, diversity and methodology of CERES Education programs.

Food Based Tours – Explores a range of topics to do with all things food.
Community Food Systems – Examine the CERES Organic Farm. Look at the various systems which create and support programs that reduce food miles and link diverse groups of people with education and employment opportunities.

Organic Food Markets – Take a tour of CERES Organic Market. Gain an insight into food miles and why eating local, organic, seasonal produce has major environmental benefits. Learn about ethical food purchasing principles (Wednesdays and Saturdays only).

Food Based Social Enterprises – Tour the CERES Organic Farm and discover more about our food based social enterprises; where to start, challenges, rewards and financial sustainability.