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CERES is not a campaigning organisation.
However sometimes things cross our path that we feel we need to get behind.

All official endorsements are approved via the CERES Board. We endorse campaigns that we believe will either have a direct positive impact on our local community, or on our mission to “protect and enhance the natural environment.”


CERES is on a mission to achieve zero net emissions and you can help us! In a big step towards our goal, we are partnering with Powershop, who are Australia’s greenest power company (Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide, 2014 & 2015).

When you switch your electricity to Powershop, CERES will receive a financial contribution towards increasing the number of solar panels on available roof spaces at CERES. This has two main benefits:

  1. CERES will be able to showcase solar systems that are similar to what you might install on your home; and
  2. CERES will continue to run all its programs for the community into the future, with a reduced environmental impact.

By switching your electricity provider, not only do you help the planet, but you help us on the way to achieve our zero net emissions goal. Make the switch now.

Read more about CERES and Powershop.

Take 2 pledge

Take2: Victoria’s climate change pledge

TAKE2 is Victoria’s collective climate change action to help Victoria reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Victoria is already feeling the effects of climate change – from devastating bushfires to coastal erosion. We are a founding partner organisation who has committed to the Victorian Government’s TAKE2 collective climate change pledge initiative.

Our blog will be updated with actions we are taking to keep the temperature rise under two degrees.

Find out more and take the pledge.


The Merri Creek Foot Bridge Project

We support a new bridge for cyclists and pedestrians spanning Merri Creek from Beavers Road Northcote, to near CERES on the East Brunswick side.

This will be a safer alternative to the busy road crossings at Arthurton Road and Normanby Avenue.

Keep up to date on the campaign with the Merri Creek Bridge Facebook Group.

Environment Victoria logo

Environment Victoria

In addition to any campaigns listed here, we support the excellent work of Environment Victoria, who advocate for big, important and permanent changes to safeguard our environment.

Campaign and program themes include water & healthy rivers, clean energy, green jobs, waste reduction and sustainable lifestyles.

Read more about their work here.