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Sustainable Fashion in India

9 – 19 April 2020 – to express interest in this trip, please email us at:

“Fashion has power, the power to change lives. The lives of farmers, spinners, weavers, printers, tailors, designers and many more who have invisibly woven their souls into what we wear.” (Upasana)

Join us on a journey through India exploring fashion through a sustainability lens, a philosophy of design that can be supported indefinitely and carefully considers environmental impact and social responsibility. Immersed in the vibrant culture and traditions of the sub-continent, our focus will be on mutual cross-cultural exchange and experiential learning. The aim of the trip is to re-imagine current notions of fashion and strip it back to what it is in its original form – embedded with tradition, craft, culture and personal expression.

Over 10 days we will travel from Kolkata in the north with its hipsters, intellects, sweat shops and slums, to Auroville in the south, the international city dedicated to peace sustainability and divine consciousness. We will look at both the good and the bad sides of the industry visiting sweat shops, factories, fashion outlets and talking with workers artists and activists. We will discuss workers rights, fashion waste production, women’s empowerment, and farmer suicides. All this whilst exploring the rich and colourful textile traditions of India that date back to the Indus Valley civilisation.

Places we will visit (note itinerary is subject to change)

Kolkata will be an exploration of mass production and the impact of modern capitalist markets on labour
looking at the darker side of the textile industry in terms of sweatshop and production. Here we will also
have the opportunity to learn how textiles are supporting women from domestic violence situations
through social enterprise.

Andhra Pradesh
From Kolkata, we will travel south by overnight sleeper train to Andhra Pradesh. Here we will spend time with local cotton farmers to learn about fair wages, organics and farming for fashion. We’ll immerse ourselves in the rural Indian way of life and get hands on in the fields.  From there, we will continue south on another overnight sleeper train to Auroville.

In Auroville will be looking at waste initiatives and what the future of fashion could look like. We will get
inspired by innovative methods and think about how we can apply these on a world wide scale. It’ll be
quite hot in Auroville so just a short few days down there before finishing up.

For more information check out: India Fashion Trip April 2020 Trip Info Sheet.

We were lucky enough to have a plethora of amazing interns on our 2019 Sustainable Fashion Trip – thanks to our intern, the lovely Tynique, you can hear from trip participants Rhiarnna and Ellajaz about their Sustainable Fashion journey.


This trip was life-changing. It was challenging, eye-opening yet profound all at the same time. It has allowed me to stop and reflect on my life and lifestyle back home. It has inspired me to make long lasting lifestyle changes, given me the confidence for new ways of living, and allowed me to remove myself from all the unnecessary attachments I had and come back to reminding myself what is truly important in my life. The people I met, places I visited and experiences I had have changed me on so many levels. The last 10 days have been a true pinnacle point in my life, and I am so ready to integrate all I have encountered both physically and spiritually back home with me. (Sophia Loprete, India, April 2019)

Only go on this trip if you want to meet amazing people, be super inspired and for your life to change for the better! (Sasha Cran, India, April 2019)

The experience is amazing. The facilitators are so lovely, super caring and helpful. The people I met on this trip and those organisations we visited during the trip have taught me so many life experiences and lessons, it is an eye-opening and precious experience. (Zhen Zheng, Indonesia, April 2019).

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To register an expression of interest or sign up for this trip, please get in touch:

Phone: (03) 9389 0183

2019 Trip Photos

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Dates: 9 – 19 April 2020

How much will it cost?: $1800

For further details contact


Phone: (03) 9389 0183

$1800 for 10 days:

This price includes all internal transport, meals, accommodation, the purchase of carbon credits to offset airline travel, administration and project running costs. This price does not include flights to and from India. Participants can expect to spend just a few more rupees on items of a personal nature.

Download the trip information sheet: India Fashion Trip April 2020 Trip Info Sheet, read our Sustainable Travel Guidelines, and contact: to register for this trip in 2020!

Head over to our Sustainable Fashion Recaps and Resources page to hear from our 2019 trip participants, meet our friends in Sustainable Fashion in India and for articles, websites, ethical fashion businesses and more….

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