Arnhem Land – Mapuru

10 Day Mixed men and women’s trip:    20th – 29th June
12 day women only Trip:  15th – 26th August

NOTE: 2020 trips are now FULLY BOOKED – please email to go on the wait list for 2020 or the expression of interest list for 2021.

Twice a year we gather together a group of people and head out on the long and dusty Arnhem Highway. We take this  journey in order to visit a small homeland community called Mäpuru. It is here that live our Yolŋu friends and adopted family who we have been working in partnership with for the past 12 years. We organise these trips in order to support our friends in making a meaningful living on country. In exchange they teach us what it means to live on and speak to the land; how to weave pandanas baskets; how the water tells its story of life through those very fibres we weave; and how we might actually be able to look at the world differently.

And so we invite you to join us, to live with and learn from the people of Mäpuru who are passing on their traditional skills and knowledge to future generations – as it has always been. Each visitor is welcomed with an open heart and mind, and given a rare glimpse into the Indigenous worldview.


The group meets in Darwin before clambering into the hired 4WDs and commencing our 2 day drive into some of the remotest parts of Arnhem Land

The drive is spectacular. A long and dusty red road reaching to the East with river crossings, and stunning scenery. We spend the first night on the road camped at the top of an escarpment with views for miles below. We cook dinner on the camp fire under the crystal clear night sky – setting the tone for the days ahead.

Late on the following day we will arrive in Mäpuru and be warmly greeted by the community. That night we set up our camp (cooking, tents, camp fire). Our workshops start the following day.


The activities undertaken in Mapuru are determined by gender: Weaving Workshops for women and Living on Country Workshops for men. Each year we run 2 trips. One solely for woman, and the other a mixed trip, where the women who come do the same weaving activities as the women only trip but just in a smaller group size, and the men do the living on country workshops, camping in a separate location and undertaking men’s business activities.

Weaving Workshops for women