Borneo Regeneration

10 – 20 April 2020

Join us on a 10-day trip in Central Kalimantan to stay with Indigenous Dayak communities, participate in the One Million Tree Project, learn about traditional forestry and ecology, volunteer on a Permaculture farm and view rescued Orangutans in the wild as we travel along the river in a motorised canoe. Staying with our working partner and friends at Permakultur Kalimantan, we’ll investigate the challenges and opportunities of this breathtaking region, abundant in wildlife and habitat.

Trip Details

Experience the many aspects of living in Kalimantan (Indonesian) Borneo with its natural beauty, stunning wildlife, strong Indigenous cultural heritage, environmental and economic challenges and the solutions that bring them all together. Our partner, Permakultur Kalimantan, will guide us through this journey.

Permakultur Kalimantan is a locally established and run organisation. Their Permaculture demonstration site is a sustainable and productive system that provides an alternative to destructive slash and burn techniques and the use of pesticides. They have strong connections to Dayak communities and use culture and folklore to tap into the imaginations of the local people to inspire a regenerative narrative.

We will be introduced to the ethics and principles of Permaculture and gain life-long practical skills, see first-hand how this is applied i