The emphasis of the China trip will be looking at her response to transnational environmental problems, at the international, domestic and local levels. We’re particularly interested in new communities emerging from environmental and social adversity and opportunity, as well as resilient traditional minority communities surviving in today’s Chinese society.

As well as our organised engagements there will be plenty of time to hit the streets, explore the night life, marvel at the history and culture and delve into the famed cuisine.

China Trip Info book 2017

Shanghai – 3 days

The Trip will start in Shanghai – a city with over 24 million inhabitants, rich in history, architectural landmarks, glamour, and promise of the mystique.

Engagements and visits:

Shanghai Tower,  described as the “greenest super high-rise building on earth”. It is designed to meet all the needs of a community, so if one wishes – one need not leave at all. Here we will have the opportunity to visit this 129 level world-unto-itself complete with filtered air, parks, schools, shopping centres and business levels. Could this be a glimpse into what the future holds?

Shokay – ‘Fashion from the Roof of the World’ is the first socially responsible premium yak down brand committed to benefiting the communities that produce yak down and producing high end products to be sold in cities around the world. The engagement will provide insight into empowering minorities, women’s’ groups, cultural preservation, and social enterprise.

JUCCCE Urban Communities are a fantastic organisation connecting passionate people in the field of environment and sustainability and asking the question, where is the human in China’s development. They also have a particular focus on food security and organic food systems.

Hangzhou – 2 days

We travel by train from Shanghai to Hangzhou – a charismatic city surrounded by misty hills.

Engagements and Visits

Here we visit the Hangzhou Permaculture  community, a very special community in the mountainous just outside of the city. The community focuses its ideals and beliefs on building a better future through Permaculture principles and alternative sustainable living. It is very unusual and to an extent risky to establish quite obviously alternative communities such as these in China. Here we will be bringing people from different worlds together to provide support between communities and individuals that have a shared vision for the future.

3 gorges dam – 3 days

In 2015 the construction of the Three G