Cuba is opening its doors to the rest of the world and is in a critical phase of transition. Join us in this fascinating and vibrant country to learn from the survivors of a collapsed economy and what lies ahead for a country rapidly opening up to the modern world.

This trip provides a unique opportunity to see Cuba from beyond the tourist trail and through the eyes of our local partner organisations all doing exceptional and innovative work in the areas of environment and sustainability.

AJM_034_Havana_urban_agriculture_businessHere we focus on Cuba’s sustainability measures in a low oil economy. Starting in Havana connecting with our key partner organisation FANJ, a centre for cultural preservation and environmental sustainability, we will then travel to Matanzas on the Hershey train, and visit Sancti Spiritus which is renowned as being the centre for permaculture in Cuba. Along the way we’ll be visiting environmental, social, and cultural places of significance including the Bellamar Caves.

From Matanzas we’ll head across to an amazing theatro community in regional Cienfuegos, living an idealic sustainable lifestyle using theater to reconnect with the land. From there we’ll head back to Havana and FANJ, spending time with our friend and partner Roberto Perez.