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No one does immersive travel like Ceres Global combining a passion for travel and people. (Nicki, CERES Global Traveller 2016).

The best thing about travelling with CERES Global is that it covers work related passions as well as time to travel. Most of all it is the cultural immersion opportunity (being in a farming family’s home) that means I didn’t feel like a tourist. This is really important to me. As is respecting the local culture. (Samoa Trip 2016).

The India trip was a chance to see a side of India that you can only get a glimpse of on your own as a tourist. Through Ceres I was introduced to people and groups doing amazing environmental and community work – and I was able to work closely with them and become a part of their world for a while. Through this experience I met Indian people of all backgrounds and gained more insight into that country than on any of my previous trips there.  (Suzie, India Trip 2011).

Travelling with CERES Global to India was a profound group experience. I felt privileged to witness and become part of the powerful community connections that CERES has created and nurtured over the years. (India Trip 2011).

This trip was amazing. The value in global communication within an NGO such as Ceres and the one we worked with in India is greater than we can ever truly appreciate. (India Trip 2007).

CERES has built a great network in Timor. The connections with key stakeholders enabled the trip to be more unique and deep. We could learn a lot about the  local challenges, positive outcomes of permaculture projects and ecosystem in East Timor.  (Maroko, Timor Permaculture Design Trip June 2016).

I loved everything about this trip. It was such a beautiful mix of learning, deep listening, thinking, laughing, relaxing and exploring. It was a gentle pace, but the slower approach enabled people time to participate and take ownership of the journey and their own learning. I loved the organic facilitation style of Ben’s, and his way of constantly prompting us to think deeply. (Maddi, Samoa Trip 2016)

Travelling with CERES Global enabled me to find the perfect balance and depth that I’ve never been able to find on any other organised group travel, or even when travelling solo!
Connecting with like-minded communities, listening, sharing and learning was made possible through CERES Global friendships, and then mixed with swims in marine sanctuaries, walks to waterfalls, and time alone to soak up our experiences.
I was wary of it feeling like a tour, but it felt like the perfect group of likeminded people, learning and exploring together. Definitely no tours here!
(Maddi, Samoa Trip 2016)

The great spread of people in the group was a fantastic element, having a range of ages, interests and personalities made the trip a learning experience not just about Indonesian culture but about other Australians…It has taught me greater cultural acceptance, and to be more open and welcoming as we were so welcomed by everyone we met in Indonesia… (Indonesia Trip 2013).

We sit here, weaving, knowing you are thinking about us the same way we are thinking about you… (Margaret, Mäpuru elder).

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