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Arriving in Athens on May 21st, the group will stay overnight in the capital before heading to rural, mountainous, and coastal regions visiting a number of alternative lifestyle communities, gaining an understanding of their activities, challenges, and ideas for the future. This second CERES Global Greece trip will build on relationships with a number of inspired, young, conscious, intentional communities.

We travel in Greece for 12 days visiting HeliotroponNea Guinea, Stagones, Paliomylos, Freeandreal, and Re-green.

The CERES Global group will travel with the intention of documenting sustainability initiatives, learning from communities, sharing insights and ideas from our own culture and backgrounds, and identifying opportunities to support communities in long term resilience, abundance, and sustainability.


Engagement activities will include stonework, herb collection & cultivation, composting, food growing, cooking, and plenty of discussion. As a group we will swim in the oceans, walk and understand biodiversity surrounding the communities, begin to understand some of the current economic challenges in Greece, and experience life off-grid, drinking water from a spring, and using composting toilets.


How you can get involved:
CERES Global works with communities to generate solutions that are community driven and meet the needs identified by members of the community. Project sustainability is a key aspect of successfully engaging with communities and we encourage projects that are designed and implemented with these principles in mind. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join our CERES Global trips.

If you are interested in finding out more contact Ben at or ph (03) 9389 0183.

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