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CERES & Timor Permaculture Design Course

CERES & Timor Permaculture Design Course

Join us this June on a Permaculture Design Course in Timor Leste. A unique experience where you can undertake a full PDC whilst travelling. This is an amazing opportunity to become part of the growing movement of people dedicated to creating positive change for themselves, their communities and the environment through ecological based solutions. Through a mix of theory, site visits and practical hands on experience you will be introduced to local farmers and permaculture practitioners carrying out traditional agriculture which naturally embeds cultural and ecological principles.

Broken up into 28 hours in Melbourne and 44 hours in Timor, the course will teach you fundamental life changing skills to consciously listen and learn from the patterns and relationships in  nature, grow food and fibre, harness energy and explore new ways of organising yourself and people.

Following the PDC we are spending an additional week in Timor on a School Gardens install with Ego Lemos and Permatil. For this week, we are calling on qualified permies to join us.

Permaculture Design Course

4 Day Introduction to Permaculture Design: Melbourne – 28 hours 
Cost: $480

This course works as a stand alone introduction as well as being incorporated into our full 72 hour PDC in Timor Leste. The course over one long weekend at CERES. This will incorporate permaculture theory and a mix of classroom presentations giving you all the foundations you need to develop and explore your interests in Permaculture.

10 days of Permaculture Design: Timor Leste – 44 hours 
Cost: $1690 (includes meals and accommodation in Timor)

For the final component we will spend 10 days in Timor undertaking the design aspect of the course.  This will include, workshops, design exercises, practical exercises and visits to sites to see Permaculture in action.

School Garden Install

7 days for Qualified Permies: Timor Leste  (optional extra) 
Cost: $980

Course participants and other holders of a recognised PDC are invited to join us on a hands on permaculture implementation project installing School Gardens in local Timor Villages with with Ego Lemos and Permatil.

Outcomes of the PDC

Permaculture is a design system based on ethics and principles which can be used to establish, design, manage and improve all efforts made by individuals, households and communities towards a sustainable future. The CERES PDC covers the whole design course curriculum with extra time for developing issues and reading the landscapes of cool temperate south-eastern Australia and tropical Asia. Our course follows the Permaculture Educators Guild Syllabus. The course content and approaches to teaching and learning is directed by a group of leading PDC teachers and practitioners.

The course is constructed around a thorough Permaculture Design process with a curriculum tailored for Tropical Environments. This course will address the key themes of Permaculture Design that will be further informed by a responsive approach to learning in Timor through the eyes and experiences of our local hosts and guest presenters. During the Melbourne based sessions the course is more theoretical than practical and includes a mix of classroom presentations, workshops, design exercises, practical exercises and walks around the CERES site. In Timor, the course is more practical, involving site visits, site assessments and permaculture design. The course explores the creation of productive and sustainable ways of living by integrating ecology, organic gardening, architecture, land use, and social and economic systems

How it came about?
CERES Global has been visiting Timor since 2013 building relationships and working in
partnerships with key local sustainability organisations.  On one of our recent visits,  we were asked by the local community in the village of Ailaeu to help in designing a permaculture garden. From here we decided, why not use the CERES Global principle of two way education and sharing by getting you, the course participants, to travel to Timor as part of a permaculture design course, learn from the rich environmental and cultural diversity of Timor at the same time as undertaking a permaculture course with a focus on Asia and tropical environments. We will then get you, the course participants to design the garden in your final project with the assistance of permaculture teachers.

Where to from here?

If you would like to go ahead and book a place on the course and trip, please fill in the online application form here.
Once the application form is filled in we will go ahead and raise an invoice for a $300 deposit to confirm your place.
We will also send you through a full course guide and trip information booklet.

For any queries, please email sophie@ceres.org.au

Food forest walk

Our next trip

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Melbourne Intro to PDC: 
Timor PDC:
Timor School Garden Install:

How much will it cost?
Melbourne: $490
Timor PDC: $1690 (includes meals and accommodation)
Timor School Garden Install: $980

For further details contact Sophie or Ben


(03) 9389 0183

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Melbourne: $480
Timor PDC: $1590 (includes meals and accommodation)
Timor Qualified Permies: $980 (includes meals and accommodation)

CERES Global is a not for profit community organisation and all trips run at cost price.

The fee in Timor includes all internal meals, accommodation, transport, community contributions, facilitator support, PDC training, course materials, carbon offsets, pre trip preparations and administration. It does not include flights, passport, visa, medical and travel insurance, vaccinations, alcoholic beverages, laundry and other items of a personal nature.

The fee in Melbourne includes all facilitator support, PDC training, course materials, light snacks, tea and coffee.

CERES has built a great network in Timor. The connections with key stakeholders enabled the trip to be more unique and deep. We could learn a lot about the local challenges, positive outcomes of permaculture projects and ecosystem in East Timor. (Mariko 2016 Timor PDC participant).

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