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This incredible trip will involve time spent on both the Samoan Islands, Savaii and Upolo. We will visit villages, village communities and our key partner organisations working in Environment, Sustainability, Women’s Empowerment and Social Enterprise.
Samoa is truly a magical place with a fascinating culture and an absolutely incredibly tropical landscape. We feel privileged to be able to visit and gain a deeper understanding of the country through our engagements and personal connections with the locals.
Each day will be broken up with a mix of experiential learning activities, such as working with our partner organisations, getting involved in daily village life, along with plenty of free time for snorkeling, swimming and visiting some of the sights.

A key focus in Samoa is in building friendship and rapport. We have found that over years of learning, sharing, engaging and building understanding, great things can happen when communities from different parts of the world come together as friends to meet challenges. We’ve made some fantastic contacts and have some great insights into life in Samoa, and we’re keen to build on our friendships and understandings.

Travelling with CERES Global enabled me to find the perfect balance and depth that I’ve never been able to find on any other organised group travel, or even when travelling solo! Connecting with like-minded communities, listening, sharing and learning was made possible through CERES Global friendships, and then mixed with swims in marine sanctuaries, walks to waterfalls, and time alone to soak up our experiences.

I was wary of it feeling like a tour, but it felt like the perfect group of like-minded people, learning and exploring together. Definitely no tours here! (Maddi, Samoa Trip 2016)

Next Trip: Sept 2018

In September 2018 we’re returning to Samoa, with a joint CERES Global public  and Latrobe University student group. We have a number of new organisations and communities that we’re looking forward to meeting, in particular Women’s groups on the Island of Savai’i!

We’ve found the mix of University students plus local CERES community to be a great framework for ideas, discussion, and conversation within our group. Let us know if you’re keen to come along on what will be a wonderful little adventure!

Thank you for the best holiday ever. I loved it and loved the people I got to share it with.  (Samoa Trip participant 2016).

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Download the trip information booklet. 

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