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Dates to be confirmed for Sep 2020
Trip themes
  • Climate Change: Resilience, adaptation, marine conservation, fisheries, disaster preparedness.
  • Community: Civil society, women’s empowerment, spirituality and religion, cohesive communities and village life
  • Sustainable Development: Cottage industry, social enterprise, eco-tourism challenges and opportunities

We are excited to be returning to Samoa in what will be our 8th year of visiting this amazing Pacific nation. On each visit, we are welcomed with warmth and hospitality by the Samoan people and we are privileged to be able to immerse ourselves in the local community and rich culture with our friends and partner organisations here. In this way, we are able to gain an understanding of a beautiful people and culture, a fascinating economy and social structure, and a country on the brink of feeling the full force of climate change.

This incredible journey will involve visiting villages, village communities and our key partner organisations working in Environment, Sustainability, Women’s Empowerment and Social Enterprise. By joining us you will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of a unique country as seen through our engagements and personal connections with the locals.

A key focus in Samoa is in building friendship and rapport. We believe that great things can happen when people from different parts of the world come together as friends to meet challenges. On this trip you will become part of a program of mutual learning, sharing, engaging and building understanding between communities. We have developed a long-lasting friendship with Tuatagaloa (Samoan meaning Chief) Joe Annandale in Poutasi Village and are honoured to spend time in this beautiful village, hosted by his family, friends and community. Whilst here we visit the Poutasi Gardens and Art Centre, projects funded via the Poutasi Development Trust. This is village is situated on the south side of Upolu island, an area flush with spectacular natural swimming and walking areas, which allows the group members time and space to soak up the natural beauty here.

Samoa is truly a magical place with a fascinating culture and an incredibly tropical landscape. As such each day will be broken up with a mix of experiential learning activities, such as working with our partner organisations, getting involved in daily village life, along with plenty of free time for snorkeling, swimming and visiting some of the sights.

This trip has so exceeded my expectations. I think I’ve been very cynical about a lot of things recently (climate change, people power, food security, getting along with a large group of people) and this trip has really flipped my brain around. The trip is a stroke of genius in planning and execution. I love travelling in a style where plans are loose guidelines, but this trip has packed so much into every day, all while being so flexible and accommodating and facilitated so thoughtfully. Absolutely stunned by the natural beauty of Samoa and everything the country has to offer. The people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had are lifelong and I just hope I see everyone at CERES when I go buy my eggs!! (Daniel Faust, Samoa 2019)

This trip has been an amazing experience. The CERES Global team go above and beyond to make the most of all opportunities to enhance the trip in-country for all participants. This trip has definitely been a circuit breaker for me and will influence the choices I make next, both personally and professionally – an immensely enriching experience (Sue Race, Samoa 2019).

Travelling with CERES Global enabled me to find the perfect balance and depth that I’ve never been able to find on any other organised group travel, or even when travelling solo! Connecting with like-minded communities, listening, sharing and learning was made possible through CERES Global friendships, and then mixed with swims in marine sanctuaries, walks to waterfalls, and time alone to soak up our experiences. I was wary of it feeling like a tour, but it felt like the perfect group of like-minded people, learning and exploring together. Definitely no tours here! (Maddi, Samoa 2016)

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