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Sustainable Housing India

December 2019

In December 2019 we invite you to join us in the remote villages of Pal and Jamnya in India’s Maharashtran mountains. After recently completing the first phase in our sustainable housing project, we return to work alongside local communities  and organisations Satpuda Vikas Mandal, the Earth Institute in Tamil Nadu, Put Your Hands Together, and Giant Grass to broadening our skill set and continue providing appropriate, quality sustainable technologies through building 2 additional teachers houses in the projects second phase.

We extend our thanks to DFAT and the Friendship Grants team for funding the project.

CERES Global Sustainable Housing Trip Opportunities: 

We are inviting the public to join us and our partner organisations in December 2019 to work alongside the local community and be part of the second phase of the project.

The success of the trip depends on the inquiry of our group and the rapport we’re able to build in usually a short period of time. It’s important to give some thought to what it is that each of us hope to gain from the engagement, what we might be able to share, and how we all might benefit from the interaction.

As the relationships deepen and our understanding of the region grows, there is an extraordinary opportunity to immerse ourselves in the Pal and Jamnya communities, to be welcomed and guided through a very different culture to our own. Stakeholders have identified environmental, social, health and political areas for our collective focus and research, and are supporting us in conversation and shared  networks to achieve sustainable growth and development in these villages.

$980 per week.
Payment plans available on request.
This price includes all internal transport, most meals, accommodation, the purchase of carbon credits to offset airline travel, administration, facilitator support, community contributions and project running costs. This price does not include flights to and from India and occasional meals during free time (around 1 – 3 meals over the 10 days). Participants can expect to spend just a few more rupees on items of a personal nature.

We are happy to help you with fundraising initiatives to make this experience a reality.


I want to express my gratitude for the amazing experience with CERES Global in India. Long ago I dreamed to take this trip but I couldn’t have imagined how incredible it could be. Inspiring organizations and people, beautiful locations, and an amazing crew of facilitators and travelers. (Sebastian, India Dec 2017 traveller).

Due to their connections and values CERES is able to immerse you in actives and take you to places where you feel a connection to the country you are visiting. That’s how I want to travel. It wasn’t necessarily one activity but the way in which we were able to connect with the heart and soul of the country and it’s people. It was the conversations and observations in the tiny village. The invites into strangers homes. The impromptu yoga session on the top bunk of the sleeper train given by a young lady travelling to finish her masters in yoga. Playing games in the tip with a group of young boys. Walking the streets and observing everyday life. (Helen, India Dec 2017 traveller).

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Trip Dates
December 2019
How much will it cost?
$980 per week
For further details contact
Phone: (03) 9389 0183
CERES Global are currently working alongside the Jamnya and Pal community in Tribal Maharashtra on the Jamnya Project. With funding from Environ, the project has been a great success in sustainable building, transfer of skills, women’s empowerment, and equity.
In Mumbai, we are building a friendship of support with our partner organisation ApneAap. An incredible grass roots organisation working with children whose mother’s are currently working in the red light district in Mumbai. In Mumbai we’re also learning about waste management, and building relations with BK Soni and Reduce Reuse Recycle. In Pal and Tamil Nadu we have relationships with communities going back over 10 years whom we are now proud to call friends.

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