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No one does immersive travel like Ceres Global combining a passion for travel and people. (Nicki, CERES Global Traveller 2016).

Tasmania Nature Immersion

I feel very nurtured and deeply nourished on many levels from this trip. It has filled my cup and lightened my soul. I feel replenished and have a deepened sense of purpose in my life.  Superb location and excellent accommodation. Amazing locally sourced, deliciously cooked plentiful food. Passionate, focused, supportive facilitators. (Marie, Tas Trip 2018)

For my first opportunity to travel with CERES Global I was so well rewarded. I now carry with me a deeper sense of peace within myself. Sophie, Amalia and Claire, aka the ‘Three Mamas’, generated and held such an exquisite space and provided us all with the opportunitiy to connect with others, the land and re-connect with the deep inspiriation of the spiritual self. 
The eco-lodge accommodation was divine. The food was 80% Tassie produce and Amalia’s passion and thoughtfullness in sourcing and preparing provided us with a deep sense of nourishment and care. The landscape was spectacular and the weather was apt. The perfect mix of wild crazy weather and sunshine in a landscape seeking to be re-known and tended with care. The program schedule was exactly what I needed – a blend of eco-arts and creativity, nature walks & rewilding activities, and opportunities for personal sharing and connecting. I loved the string making and eco dyeing. The yoga opened me up in the morning and the silent walks gave my inner child a chance to re-connect with its own wonder and joy. Thank you so so much. In gratitude, xxx (Sarah, Tas Trip 2018)

The care Sophie showed to the group was so nurturing and outstanding, the food and the energy Amalia put in was incredible, and the activities led by Claire were stimulating and thought-provoking. The Bay of Fires location spiritually profound! All the ingredient of a truly special and memorable experience we will talk about for a life-time. THANK YOU SO MUCH. (Ian, Tas Trip 2018)

South East Aus Sustainability Road Trip

I found this trip earthy, awakening and fun.  Would recommend it highly! (Jonathan, Aus Trip 2017)


The Samoa trip was unlike anything I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. The facilitators from CERES really made the trip, they were fountains of knowledge and support the entire time. The landscape, people, and over all culture of Samoa are absolutely breathtaking. I could not more highly recommend being a part of a trip such as this, the memories, and friendships I made will stay with me for a very long time. (Fin, Samoa trip 2017)

Being able to experience and learn from all of the partner organisations that had previously been set up made it feel like we were not tourists merely observing Samoa. Instead, I felt really connected to the people we met and the activities we got to undertake. (Vanessa, Samoa trip 2017).

Sophie and Lorna (the facilitators) did an absolutely amazing job in ensuring the trip to Samoa was enjoyed by everyone in the group. Their knowledge for the environment was a great asset to have and I would recommend anyone and everyone thinking of travelling with CERES Global to go for it! seize the moment and keep your eyes open. (Courtney, Samoa trip 2017).

I feel so nourished, rejuvenated, relaxed and inspired! I wasn’t expecting it to feel like a holiday, but somehow it ticked that box as well!

Travelling with CERES Global enabled me to find the perfect balance and depth that I’ve never been able to find on any other organised group travel, or even when travelling solo!
Connecting with like-minded communities, listening, sharing and learning was made possible through CERES Global friendships, and then mixed with swims in marine sanctuaries, walks to waterfalls, and time alone to soak up our experiences.
I was wary of it feeling like a tour, but it felt like the perfect group of likeminded people, learning and exploring together. Definitely no tours here!

I loved everything about this trip. It was such a beautiful mix of learning, deep listening, thinking, laughing, relaxing and exploring. It was a gentle pace, but the slower approach enabled people time to participate and take ownership of the journey and their own learning. I loved the organic facilitation style of Ben’s, and his way of constantly prompting us to think deeply. (Maddi, Samoa Trip 2016)

Thank you for the best holiday ever. I loved it and loved the people I got to share it with.  (Samoa Trip 2016).

Ben (the facilitator) was excellent. He was empathetic, supportive and good natured. (Samoa Trip 2016).

The best thing about travelling with CERES Global is that it covers work related passions as well as time to travel. Most of all it is the cultural immersion opportunity (being in a farming family’s home) that means I didn’t feel like a tourist. This is really important to me. As is respecting the local culture. (Nicki, Samoa Trip 2016).


The great spread of people in the group was a fantastic element, having a range of ages, interests and personalities made the trip a learning experience not just about Indonesian culture but about other Australians…It has taught me greater cultural acceptance, and to be more open and welcoming as we were so welcomed by everyone we met in Indonesia… (Indonesia Trip 2013).

It has impacted me in the greatest of ways! Feeling a greater sense of global awareness. I feel more hope that I can make positive change in the world.
The best thing about this trip was the chance to engage with NGO’s and other communities organisations/ members/ leaders in a professional way. The opportunity to liaise with these individuals was incredibly fortunate, I was able to learn a lot.  
Travelling with purpose is definitely the way I want to be travelling now! Feeling useful and part of the community beats the usual touristy/ consumption version. 🙂
This opportunity is not one to be missed. Learn and engage – walk at the front of the group, ask questions! The more you engage the more you will get out of it. (Rhi Indonesia Living Oceans Trip April 2018)

 It was incredible to meet the local communities and learn more from them about their culture, their understanding of the plastic waste situation and what waste management practices have been implemented.  (Emily, Indonesia Living Oceans Trip April 2018)


I want to express my gratitude for the amazing experience with CERES Global in India. Long ago I dreamed to take this trip but I couldn’t have imagined how incredible it could be. Inspiring organizations and people, beautiful locations, and an amazing crew of facilitators and travelers. (Sebastian, India Dec 2017 traveller).

Due to their connections and values CERES is able to immerse you in actives and take you to places where you feel a connection to the country you are visiting. That’s how I want to travel. It wasn’t necessarily one activity but the way in which we were able to connect with the heart and soul of the country and it’s people. It was the conversations and observations in the tiny village. The invites into strangers homes. The impromptu yoga session on the top bunk of the sleeper train given by a young lady travelling to finish her masters in yoga. Playing games in the tip with a group of young boys. Walking the streets and observing everyday life. (Helen, India Dec 2017 traveller).

The 10 days moved me, I had to sit in spaces that felt uncomfortable, I realised that my frame of reference was very Western and the power imbalance in the way I work with community was apparent. I experienced the joy of being vulnerable, the importance of sharing and starting with the strengths in any situation, how essential it is to change my language and question my motivation and intentions and most of all it confirmed that I will always be inspired by community and it is a place that I want to be….. I consider this as a gift given to me and I will share it in many different ways to be able to keep the spirit of what was given to me alive. (Nalika Peiris, Unit Manager Community Development and Social Policy at Moreland City Council and India Trip Jan 2017 traveller)

I feel very privileged and blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in the CERES Global tour. The best thing is knowing that you are travelling with facilitators and other people who also care deeply about environmental and social issues/ sustainability, and that the program is focused on learning exchange rather than destination tourism. Sophie and Maddi (the facilitators) managed to strike a beautiful balance between being ‘present’ and contributing to the group’s learnings as opposed to being ‘tour guides… I am still reflecting on my experiences and learnings and their ongoing influences on my thinking and practice. Even so, I know my learnings have been deep and enduring… Go with an open heart and mind and both will be filled to an extent far greater than you ever could have anticipated. (Deb, India Trip Jan 2017).

An outstanding journey (Chris, India Trip Jan 2017).

Our travels with Ceres have been amazing, thank you for all your support, help, and especially your quiet, gentle presence through all our adventures. (Toni, India Trip Jan 2017).

The best thing about travelling with CERES is being with people, who although different, all had a certain unity of purpose. I like working within a framework of things to do and CERES created that for me and facilitated it lovingly (Terry, India Trip  Jan 2017).

Travelling with CERES made the trip more memorable as the people and organisations that we made contact with were inspirational. It also meant that you had a group of like minded people to share your experience and take on projects you may not have otherwise done. For instance, I was involved in making a film about life for women in Southern India. This gave me an insight into people’s home, work and community lives that I may not have understood and was warmly welcomed because of their connection with CERES. Teaching Indian students and orphans environmental education was a challenge but very rewarding. (Elle, India Trip 2012).

The India trip was a chance to see a side of India that you can only get a glimpse of on your own as a tourist. Through Ceres I was introduced to people and groups doing amazing environmental and community work – and I was able to work closely with them and become a part of their world for a while. Through this experience I met Indian people of all backgrounds and gained more insight into that country than on any of my previous trips there.  (Suzie, India Trip 2011).

Travelling with CERES Global to India was a profound group experience. I felt privileged to witness and become part of the powerful community connections that CERES has created and nurtured over the years. (India Trip 2011).

Not only do you meet lots of interesting Indians but you are travelling with a bunch of talented and interesting people who are like minded. Also everyone is there to support each other and make sure you are getting the most out of your experience. You’re well looked after so you can just focus on having a good experience and meaningful interaction with the people you meet. (Elle, India Trip 2011).

Working with the women’s groups was one of the most enriching and enlightening experiences I have had. Nothing could have prepared me for the impact these amazing women’s stories had on me. I believe the courage the women showed in sharing their stories has given me greater courage in my own life. I carry these women’s stories around with me each day and I feel so honoured to be able to do so. I am so grateful for this experience, and I can’t wait to return. (India Trip 2011).

This trip was amazing. The value in global communication within an NGO such as Ceres and the one we worked with in India is greater than we can ever truly appreciate. (India Trip 2007).

Timor Leste

CERES has built a great network in Timor. The connections with key stakeholders enabled the trip to be more unique and deep. We could learn a lot about the  local challenges, positive outcomes of permaculture projects and ecosystem in East Timor.  (Maroko, Timor Permaculture Design Trip June 2016).


IT WAS AMAZING! I was able to see and feel Chile in a way that was not possible if I was to travel on my own. CERES Global empowers local people and travels through celebrating and facilitating cultural exchange through interesting and diverse conversations and relationships. I was incredibly moved and inspired by CERES Global Chile trip. To instantly be connected to the local communities and welcomed is every travellers dream. The diversity of meeting Mapuche people, visiting local agriculture communities, and permaculture hubs was impressive and engaging. CERES GLOBAL YOU ARE AMAZING! (Lucie, Chile 2017).

CERES’s visit to Chile was an amazing experience that taught me a lot about first engagements in community and international development. (Andrea, Chile trip 2017).

Arnhem Land

There were so many good things about the Mäpuru trip. I especially enjoyed meeting and travelling with everyone involved.  I felt guided and informed from beginning to end by the facilitators. There was a good balance between practical and cultural information on such things as Yolŋu protocol (in the Mäpuru community space, the weaving shelter, swimming hole, surrounding bushland) and guidelines for our journey and camps.
The roster in our camp worked well because there were times when I had to be the “carer” ie. doing compost, fire, cooking, cleaning, sorting food supplies balanced by times when I knew I could relax, rest and be “cared for” by others. The trip was real break for me in that way. The camp roster system promoted sustainability because it allowed one, time out, so that the week of adjusting and participating was gentle as well as achievable. I became quite settled in at Mäpuru with the community, our group and the rhythm of day and night; I didn’t want to return to Darwin.  
The beauty and effectiveness of the Mäpuru trip is the “ time together and the time apart” principle of respect –   Balanda / Balanda, Yolŋu/ Balanda, women /men, group/ individual. Experiencing time in the mixed group ( m/f), time with men only and women only, time as a minority in an unfamiliar cultural and linguisitic setting/ time in our CERES camp and time alone sustained my capacity as a participant and provided a wealth of interest, experience, support, challenges, empathy and fun! (Annie, Mapuru trip 2018)

This will be an experience that will always be in the forefront of my mind. Thankyou to CERES for taking on these trips and allowing us to participate and help the Arnhem Weavers keep their community and culture strong. (Catherine, Mapuru trip 2017).

All Australians should experience something like this: Indigenous people living a semi-traditonal life, and us visiting on their terms. The experience highlights how huge the gulf is between the two cultures, and how little the European Australian culture really learns or gives priority to the traditional culture of the country (Deidre, Mapuru trip 2017).

The whole trip was very well organised and the information provided could not have been more detailed.  
Everything was covered and at no stage was there a reason to be confused about what would / or was happening.
P.S. Fantastic food! (Jen, Mapuru trip 2017).

Such an incredible experience connecting with the Marpuru community. It was an honor to contribute to a vision of Yolgnu people living lives of dignity on ancestral land. (Luke, Mapuru trip 2017).

It was a wonderful adventure in so many ways – physically, emotionally, spiritually. I was outside my comfort zone, at the edge of my experience, challenged and confronted at times and I have been rewarded. My awareness is developing, my perspective has shifted. A reality-based frame of reference is now established within me. I have grown as a man and feel more connected with myself, with the earth, with my family and with the wonderful people at Mapuru. (Wayne, Mapuru trip 2017).

It is hard to put into a few words, but for me, going to Mapuru was a wonderful experience on many levels. I really enjoyed sharing this time, and the whole adventure, with all the other women on this trip. Learning about Yolnu culture was very interesting and this trip inspired me to learn more about indigenous Australian peoples’ culture in general and Yolnu culture in particular. I really value my time up there and feel very lucky to have been part of it all for a short time. (Meg Gooch, Mapuru trip 2018)

It was for me, an amazing and humbling experience to learn from these beautiful women, to simply sit, observe and for a short time become part of the rhythms of Mäpuru. (Claire, Mapuru 2011 Trip).

I will never forget the amazing women I met at Mäpuru, sharing the laughter and tears with them, stumbling through mangroves, pulling up mangrove worms and touching ever so slightly the depth of Yolngu culture. How fortunate am I? (Rose, Mapuru Trip 2011).

We sit here, weaving, knowing you are thinking about us the same way we are thinking about you… (Margaret, Mäpuru elder).

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