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Traveller Testimonials

No one does immersive travel like CERES Global combining a passion for travel and people.

(Nicki, CERES Global Traveller 2016).

Tasmania Nature Immersion

I feel very nurtured and deeply nourished on many levels from this trip. It has filled my cup and lightened my soul. (Marie, Tas Trip 2018)

For my first opportunity to travel with CERES Global I was so well rewarded. I now carry with me a deeper sense of peace within myself. (Sarah, Tas Trip 2018)

…a truly special and memorable experience we will talk about for a life-time. THANK YOU SO MUCH. (Ian, Tas Trip 2018)

South East Aus Sustainability Road Trip

I found this trip earthy, awakening and fun.  Would recommend it highly! (Jonathan, Aus Trip 2017)


I could not more highly recommend being a part of a trip such as this, the memories, and friendships I made will stay with me for a very long time. (Fin, Samoa trip 2017)

I would recommend anyone and everyone thinking of travelling with CERES Global to go for it! Seize the moment and keep your eyes open. (Courtney, Samoa trip 2017).

I feel so nourished, rejuvenated, relaxed and inspired! I wasn’t expecting it to feel like a holiday, but somehow it ticked that box as well! (Maddi, Samoa Trip 2016)


It has impacted me in the greatest of ways! Feeling a greater sense of global awareness. I feel more hope that I can make positive change in the world.

(Rhi Indonesia Living Oceans Trip April 2018)

 It was incredible to meet the local communities and learn more from them about their culture, their understanding of the plastic waste situation and what waste management practices have been implemented.  (Emily, Indonesia Living Oceans Trip April 2018)

Timor Leste

CERES has built a great network in Timor. The connections with key stakeholders enabled the trip to be more unique and deep.  (Maroko, Timor Permaculture Design Trip June 2016).


CERES GLOBAL YOU ARE AMAZING! I was able to see and feel Chile in a way that was not possible if I was to travel on my own. To instantly be connected to the local communities and welcomed is every travellers dream. (Lucie, Chile 2017).

CERES’s visit to Chile was an amazing experience that taught me a lot about first engagements in community and international development. (Andrea, Chile trip 2017).

India Dance Trip

It is hard to describe how incredible this trip was. It was full of those moments that pull you into the present moment and fill your heart with gratitude. The challenges were all lessons that had the power to create powerful conversations and shift perspective.

(Leah, India Dance Trip Jan 2019)


Long ago I dreamed to take this trip but I couldn’t have imagined how incredible it could be. Inspiring organizations and people, beautiful locations, and an amazing crew of facilitators and travelers. (Sebastian, India Dec 2017 traveller).

Due to their connections and values CERES is able to immerse you in actives and take you to places where you feel a connection to the country you are visiting. (Helen, India Dec 2017 traveller).

The 10 days moved me….. I consider this as a gift given to me and I will share it in many different ways to be able to keep the spirit of what was given to me alive. (Nalika Peiris, Unit Manager Community Development and Social Policy at Moreland City Council and India Trip Jan 2017 traveller)

Go with an open heart and mind and both will be filled to an extent far greater than you ever could have anticipated. 

(Deb, India Trip Jan 2017).

The best thing about travelling with CERES is being with people, who although different, all had a certain unity of purpose.  (Terry, India Trip  Jan 2017).

Travelling with CERES made the trip more memorable as the people and organisations that we made contact with were inspirational.  (Elle, India Trip 2012).

The India trip was a chance to see a side of India that you can only get a glimpse of on your own as a tourist…I met Indian people of all backgrounds and gained more insight into that country than on any of my previous trips there.  (Suzie, India Trip 2011).

Travelling with CERES Global to India was a profound group experience. I felt privileged to witness and become part of the powerful community connections that CERES has created and nurtured over the years. (India Trip 2011).

Working with the women’s groups was one of the most enriching and enlightening experiences I have had. Nothing could have prepared me for the impact these amazing women’s stories had on me. I believe the courage the women showed in sharing their stories has given me greater courage in my own life. (India Trip 2011).

The value in global communication within an NGO such as CERES and the one we worked with in India is greater than we can ever truly appreciate.

(India Trip 2007).

Arnhem Land

This will be an experience that will always be in the forefront of my mind. Thank you to CERES Global. (Catherine, Mapuru trip 2017).

All Australians should experience something like this: Indigenous people living a semi-traditonal life, and us visiting on their terms. The experience highlights how huge the gulf is between the two cultures, and how little the European Australian culture really learns or gives priority to the traditional culture of the country (Deidre, Mapuru trip 2017).

Such an incredible experience connecting with the Marpuru community. It was an honor to contribute to a vision of Yolgnu people living lives of dignity on ancestral land. (Luke, Mapuru trip 2017).

It was a wonderful adventure in so many ways – physically, emotionally, spiritually. I have grown as a man and feel more connected with myself, with the earth, with my family and with the wonderful people at Mapuru. (Wayne, Mapuru trip 2017).

It is hard to put into a few words, Mapuru was a wonderful experience on many levels.  (Meg Gooch, Mapuru trip 2018)

It was for me, an amazing and humbling experience to learn from these beautiful women, to simply sit, observe and for a short time become part of the rhythms of Mäpuru. (Claire, Mapuru 2011 Trip).

We sit here, weaving, knowing you are thinking about us the same way we are thinking about you… (Margaret, Mäpuru elder).

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