Goodbye to our much loved CERES brother, Peter Auty


There is only one Peter Auty and very sadly he has left us. Pete Auty died last Thursday in Yea Hospital from pancreatic cancer.

In his 10 years with the farm team Pete took on a self-proclaimed “mother”role. He made us tea, always in a pot and there were always many pots throughout the day, he cooked the porridge for our weekly team meeting and time and time again when we were tired and jaded he reminded us of how far we had come together.


Pete came to CERES as a participant in a work-for-the-dole program and left as the lead trainer of our VET Program. At CERES he discovered he was a gifted teacher of the often angry young men and women who came from their Specialist Schools for their Certificates in Horticulture. Initially it was a job nobody wanted and it took Pete two years of hard slog to crack them. However, once he worked out how to communicate with his students they were telling others back at their schools about this man who treated them like adults and trusted them with chainsaws. And by the next term those who had heard would be lining up to come and learn with Pete.

pete-autyThe 2009 bush fires took Pete away from CERES. Pete fought the fires for 4 days with the Flowerdale volunteer brigade. Several of his townspeople died and 80% of the houses in his home town of Flowerdale were burnt down. Pete became a key figure with the Flowerdale Community Recovery Committee and he said more than once that his 10 years of work at CERES were training for the next four he spent helping rebuild his home town.


After the fires a poem “fell out of him” word perfect that was read at the State memorial for bushfire victims by Premier Brumby. I’ve listened to the poem many times and it sums up Pete in many ways – sharp in mind, big in heart and spry in spirit.

We are planning a gathering in a couple of weeks at CERES to remember our friend Peter Auty.

Thursday 24th October 2013
From 5:30pm
at CERES Market

Feel free to bring along a plate to share, some musical instruments, wear a kilt, anything that you feel will add to the gathering.

Please let Mel know if you are able to come along, so we can work out numbers for food.

And as Pete said, be good to each other……………

pete-auty2Chris Ennis
CERES Fair Food Manager

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