Harvest Festival and the Goddess

According to Roman Mythology, Ceres, sister of Jupiter, was in charge of the harvest. If Ceres was upset, the crops could die. Everyone, gods and mortals, worked hard to keep Ceres happy.

Back in those days, Ceres had 12 minor gods to assist her with the grain cycle, from planting to harvest to storing… At least six of these gods appear to be specific different types of digging specialists. Even though in modern times Vervactor, Reparator, Imporcitor, Obarator, Occator & Serritor have been replaced by Tractor, our farmers each year individually perform the job of a goddess with 12 servants and that is worth celebrating!

So at this time each March, when the tomatoes are ripe and red but the stems are turning brown, the mornings are darker and cooler, and the Manna Gum is flowering and being appreciated by noisy parrots, we remember our farmers, their hard work throughout the year and celebrate Ceres so she is happy and fertile.

Happily, “Eating is an agricultural act” according Wendell Berry, a great farmer of our time. So if you don’t wish to worship the goddess through strange esoteric rituals, you can always just do that. Happy Harvest.

CERES Harvest Festival is on Saturday 25th March from 10am to 3pm.

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