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I’m here in Mumbai taking a bit of time off from our busy schedule to write a bit about what we are doing.
At the moment I’m volunteering with Apne Aap Women’s Collective. AAWC is a NGO which helps to provide better quality of living for the women in the sex slave industry and their children. It strives to stop inter generational trafficking to keep the children out of brothel based and street based prostitution. it is founded and run by some of the most strong and inspiring women who put themselves on the line everyday to provide hope and love for these children. They have a 100% success rate in breaking the cycle of inter generational trafficking of these children since they started in 1998. For more info visit there website:

Those of us working with AAWC have been given the after school time from 4-7.30  to run games and english learning activities with the kids aged 6-18. It’s been so amazing. I feel so inspired by the children who are so strong and loving. Every day we learn something new and I feel like we are having a really beautiful exchange.

Although I’ve been teaching some english and other things, I feel like I’m learning more than I could ever have hoped for. With each activity we present to the kids, they engage so willingly and try really hard. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to be with them.

We had the sports day with the kids yesterday which was great fun! I won the Kangaroo race! It was really great to see the kids so happy and working together. Tomorrow I’m going on an excursion all day to a water park with the kids. I can’t wait, they are so much fun!

I’m going to keep it short as there is always way too much to be said but even more stuff to be done!

Lots of love,

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