Living on Country in Arnhem Land

This poem was written by Darcy Neave, a participant on the CERES Global Arnhem Land Living on Country Workshop.

There is magic in this place
In this Faraway Land,
Where the sun burns hot
In the deep red sand;

There is magic in the waters
Where the Barramundi swim,
Surrender to the magic wawa,
Let Love in.

There is magic in the timbre
Of the voices of the Crows,
Is it possible to understand
How magic grows?

Come, sit by the campfire
And grab a cup of tea,
Let us stare into the coals
And speak our minds
And watch
And see.

This magic cannot be explained
Defined or justified,
I know not where it comes from
I can’t tell you How or Why…

But that’s OK,
Let it stay.
Breathe it in,
Let it be.


The tide has turned – it’s coming in,
My spear is in my hand,
My brothers walk beside me
Through the crisp white sand.

Today we carry back to camp
A Stingray, Fish and Shark,
We’re tired from our hunting
And it’s getting close to dark.

This trip has been amazing,
I feel the Man inside me roar –
Awakening within my core
And I know that sometime soon the dream will end
And slip away…

But for now –
Ride the wave!
Sing your song –

Walk tall and brave!

Pay homage to the magic that ignites your very Soul.

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