We are not atomised producers and consumers. We are part of an Earth family, part of a food community. Food connects us. Everything is food.  – Vandana Shiva

CERES is named after the Roman Goddess of Agriculture, so the celebration of Earth and her bountiful harvest is not only the main event on the CERES calendar, it’s central to our community’s cultural mythology. The first act on this formerly weed-filled, polluted land was to prepare the earth and plant seeds for growing food in the community gardens. The gardens remain at the heart of CERES and the community has been saving seeds, sharing garden tips, swapping recipes and playing bocci together for 36 years.

Ritual celebration of a successful harvest is one of the oldest human traditions. Pongal in India & Sri Lanka, Thanksgiving in USA and Olivagando in Italy are just some examples that continue, and for us it’s the annual Autumn Harvest Festival held here at CERES.

We generally don’t dress up as reapers and gather around a laden cart shouting, “Hooky hooky hooky!” any more. We prefer to simply share food, listen to music and maybe get some dirt under our urban fingernails as we learn new skills. Remaining central to all our activities is our relationship with and love for our food community, however we choose to celebrate.

CERES Harvest Festival is on Saturday 24th March from 10am to 3pm. See you there!