Meditation Garden October update

As we know September and Spring is a time of plenty and promise so while the magpies, living in the Manna Gums above the learning centre at CERES, were busy laying the foundations of this years nest, the site team at CERES were busy creating their own fluid and resilient structural foundation for the Meditation Garden. A special thank you to Dominic and Matthew Murgo for their tireless and patient work excavating the site, which is now levelled, and complete with sculptured wicking bed irrigation channels. Dominic’s involvement with the CERES community spans some 20 years in which he has  gently massaged the site with great dexterity and care as the resident earth works contractor.


October has seen the project skip into a new rhythm with the return of the fortnightly volunteer working bees. The stories keep pouring out as Andy , the project manager, discovered a sleeping blue tongued lizard snoozing in the footings of our retaining wall just before it was going to be filled with Ecrete.


Ecrete is made from waste products of coal fired power stations and steel manufacturing and is the material be environmentally sound material of choice used for the foundations of the Meditation Garden.

Remember you can put your hand up to volunteer, contribute much needed funds, or simply get more info here.

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