Motives – Change – Inspiration – CERES Environmental Education Course

In September to October of this year, I undertook the environmental education course hosted at CERES.  My main motive for doing the course was to see what other options I had for environmental work, but I came out with a lot more information that inspired me to enact change in my own space.

The first day was overwhelming and inspiring all at once.  This was mainly because there was all this information and yet all the facts were tied to hope and to solutions, and in showing me how to put all the facts into actions.

There were 12 participants, plus others who joined the course during different sessions.  The participants ranged from backgrounds in education, engineering, hospitality and project management.  All wanted to see change for the future, so they bought a wealth of enthusiasm, passion and knowledge.

The main thing I took from the course was that information does not have to be preached to people.  When people talk about environmental change, the facts can be scary, yet the solutions can result in positive actions.  Some of the actions taken due to the course were how to make produce bags out of pant legs, changing food habits to allow for a healthier environment and a healthier me, and discovering new ways to use less energy in everyday situations. The solutions weren’t difficult or complex.  They were achievable and easy to undertake in this busy world, which gives me hope that people can get on board and be excited about wanting to make change and see change.

Melissa, CERES Educator

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