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Ancient Wisdoms in New Caledonia

Travel with us in New Caledonia to experience the traditional culture and folklore of the indigenous Kanak population. Participating in the daily life of tribes and villagers that have adapted to western influence but retain many of their traditional values and practice, we will gain insight into the intrinsic relationship of land, forest, animal, season, and ocean with the traditional custodians and how we fit in an eco-orientated system rather than an ego-orientated system. We will embark on a voyage that is physical, mental, emotional and collaborative. Help plant and grow food for the next seasons and in turn harvest those plants to cook your meals, listen to the stories that accompany hunting trips (fishing or terrestrial), learn from elders, the tradition of their specialised arts, painting, storytelling, weaving and sculpturing/carvings.

Over the ten-day immersion we will travel from the French influenced capital of Noumea on the south western end of the main island (la grand terre), north to the isolated regions where life takes on more of a traditional feel, we will experience a shift in both landscape and social populace. The key immersion sites will highlight the social and cultural significance of our environment related to sustainability, biodiversity and natural logic.

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