Our Vision and Reason for Being

To start the year, we have been reflecting (as so many people do) on our core values and reason for existence. In troubling times it seems especially important to keep going back to the essence of our organisation and reminding ourselves that what we do matters. To be clear, this is what we stand for:

CERES is a place for community-based learning and action to create ways of living together that are:

Environmentally beneficial
Socially just
Economically satisfying
Culturally enriching
& Spiritually nurturing

As a supporter of CERES you probably have similar values to us, though you may not express them in the same way, and some aspects might seem more important to you than others… It might seem strange that as an organisation we don’t have a snappy, easy-to-remember mission statement about how we are going to save the planet, but how can we elevate any one of these realms above the others? How could we say that planting trees is more important than supporting refugees, or taking care of your garden is more important than looking after your ageing mother? All of our actions matter.

“Remember the earth. Remember your ancestors. Remember your four-legged, winged, crawling relatives. Remember life. Your life, your way of living, that is the only activism you’ve ever had. Use it. Make your existence a ritual that honors everything your body and words touch. The times are troubled and you are needed. Wake up—notice the consequence of every action and non-action. You are needed. You are needed. You are needed.” Eric Chisler (via Bayo Akomolafe)

Lots of people are waking up. And here on the banks of the Merri Merri there is a little place where we can get together and work out many small ways of living better together.

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