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The Merri Cafe’s Purchasing Policy

Sustainable food choices are very important to us here at CERES and they link to all of the food enterprises we operate from what we stock in the CERES Grocery and Market to what features on the menu at The Merri Table.

Being aware of food sources, food miles, ethical food production and how this all links back to climate change drives the choices we make. Sometimes these choices can be complicated and we are continually reviewing our choices to make sure they are best practice.

These are the areas that shape our procurement choices:

Local: Keeping food miles low, we support local farmers and artisans, helping secure our local food systems into the future.

Australian Made and Grown: Sourcing items that are sustainably grown and produced in Australia.

Organic and Biodynamic: Using goods that are sown and grown without pesticides and poisons. We only use goods that are certified organic, unless otherwise clearly stated. Organic certification prohibits the use of genetically modified ingredients.

Ethically Raised Meat and Dairy: Supporting organic or free range farms that adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainable farming.

Minimal Packaging: Purchasing stock in bulk to eliminate unnecessary waste and reduces transportation needs.

Community Social Support: Supporting international Fair Trade enterprises with items such as coffee

GM Free: Supporting farmers committed to ecological farming that promotes biological diversity and does not and does not contaminate the environment with chemicals and GE-organisms.

Dietary: Providing alternatives for dietary needs.