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The Merri Cafe’s suppliers

Our suppliers

Sustainable food choices are very important to us here at CERES and they link to all of the food enterprises we operate from what we stock in the Grocery  to what features on the menu at The Merri Cafe. We take pride in the relationships that we have established with local farmers and trust in their products and processes. Our partnerships with farmers and producers support a localised food system that gives back to those who care for the earth, their produce and animals. All of the meat and dairy products on our menu are organic, free range and cruelty free.

Rendina’s Butchery

Rendina’s Butchery has been operating for over 10 years as a certified Bio-Dynamic Retailer. They offer a wide range of free-range, organic and bio-dynamic meats, wine, cheese and other deli delights including organic oil. Their mission is to provide ongoing support to the organic and biodynamic industries and educate the consumer to the best of their ability. All of their meats are sourced from certified Bio-Dynamic and Organic farmers where all livestock is fed on natural pastures. There are no chemicals or chemical fertilizers used in the process of breeding and raising all cattle, lamb and pork. All certified livestock is treated humanely and provided with a comfortable, stress free environment. Their bio-dynamic beef and lamb comes from various growers throughout Australia, the certified Organic Pork is sourced from Victoria and the free range chicken is sourced from the Mornington Peninsula. Their priority is to continue sourcing and supplying the cleanest meats possible and prepare them as naturally as we can to ensure a healthier future for the body and the environment.

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Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme is an independent specialty coffee roaster supplying cafes all across New Zealand and Australia. By sourcing the best quality raw materials – the green beans, and then roasting them carefully the Coffee Supreme team are about to ensure the entire inherent flavor potential comes through in the cup.
They have a lot of respect for the product, and for the care, consideration, and hard work that goes into growing great coffee and getting it from the farm into the cup. Understanding and respecting the effort that goes into great coffee means they pay growers well for really good coffees. Coffee Supreme believes in investing in relationships at origin source and takes into account the complexities of sustainability when choosing with whom to trade. Their roasters travel to origin to taste and compare many lots of coffees we are considering, to get to know producers, and to look at the entire system that surrounds coffee production.

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Schultz Organic Dairy

Schultz Organic Dairy products are truly pure, simple and delicious. Made from whole milk of our Friesian and Jersey Cows they add nothing but natural ingredients. It is still processed right on farm, in small batches with great care and attention to detail and cleanliness.
Farming organically since 1971, three generations have refined organic farming to produce the best quality milk, healthiest cows and most sustainable farming methods. A farmhouse factory located on the farm produces delicate yogurts, delightful milk and cream and delicious cheeses. Schulz Organic Farms links your plate with our paddock.
Situated on 832 acres of very fertile land, Schulz Organic Farms is located near Timboon in the South West of Victoria. This unique area receives some of the highest reliable rain falls in the state. The owners use biodynamic and organic principles to enhance the vitality of the soil, grasses and animals. With their herd they strive to create the ideal Organic/Biodynamic farm – a self sufficient system that builds and sustains soil fertility through crop rotation and farm composts. No chemicals, hormones, herbicides or pesticides are used on their farm.

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Madelaine’s Eggs

Madelaine started her business Madelaine’s Eggs when she was eight years old back in 2002 as part of her home education curriculum. Her parents believed that being able to interact with all sorts of people and learning how to establish and run a business would be invaluable skills throughout life. Now fifteen years later, 23 year old Madelaine Scott manages 3,000 certified organic laying hens on her family farm, Hollyburton Park located in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria. Madelaine’s chickens and their eggs are certified organic with NASAA, Australia’s leading organic certifier. Her chickens are free range, fed certified organic feed and are not exposed to any artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

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Crumbs Organic BakeHouse

Crumbs Organic Bakehouse specialises in amazing organic sour dough breads, gluten free cakes and slices, as well as vegan pizzas. Crumbs create a number of products that are vegan friendly.

Owners, Marion and Gerald are busy making products for their bakehouse located in Ascot Vale, as well as providing delicious gluten free and organic sour dough baked products to other Melbourne cafes.

Fatto A Mano Bakery

Founded in 2007, Fatto A Mano is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Mario and Sandra Cucuzza, who, with over 50 years of hospitality experience, have created an iconic bakery nestled in the inner city suburb of Fitzroy. Mario is the mastermind behind the multiple varieties of organic sourdough bread
that are crafted from a starter which is over 9 years old and Sandra is responsible for the delectable assortment of sweets. With an emphasis on great quality organic ingredients and a “made by hand” philosophy, everything that is produced by Fatto A Mano is made with love on the premises by an amazing, dedicated team. Appealing to a wide variety of people and satisfying many dietary requirements, Fatto a Mano boasts some of the best gluten free bread in the land along with vegan, vegetarian and fructose free treats.

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CERES Honey Lane Market Garden

Honey Lane is set on half an acre of land and contains a beautiful mix of fruit trees and raised garden beds, an aquaponics system, worm farms, a propagation area and an outdoor classroom. We plant organic seedlings propagated by our Propagation team. The organic produce grown on at our market gardens is harvested and available for purchase at the CERES Organic Market. All of our produce is certified organic by NASAA, a leading Australian and International organic certifier.

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CERES Joe’s Market Garden

Joe’s Market Garden is our second certified organic farm growing organic herbs and vegetables. Irrigation water is taken from the mains supply and a 100,000 litre underground water tank collects rainwater from neighbouring town houses. All produce grown is sold through our CERES Fair Food enterprise and can be found in delivery veggie boxes that you order.

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Terra Madre

Terra Madre is a bustling health food store in Northcote, Melbourne proudly offering a wide range of organic produce. Their shelves are stocked with everything you’ll need to live a naturally healthy life: fresh fruit and vegetables, biodynamic meats and eggs, wholegrain breads and cereals, gluten-free and dairy-free
products, bulk spices and seeds, environmentally friendly cleaning products and baby goods. Their vision is simple: to provide the local community with the greatest quality of organic foods at affordable prices, comparable to that of major supermarkets.

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