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Retreat: Listening to the Living World

This 4-day workshop will introduce participants to the field of spiritual ecology and offer ways of cultivating personal, ecological, and social resilience through deep listening and respect for the living world. Over the course of the retreat, participants will learn simple and practical techniques for integrating spiritual values into their lives and work.

The retreat will include seated and walking meditation, lectures, spiritual ecology and nature connection practices, storytelling, group discussion and reflection.

Teachers: Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee with Amrita Bhohi

Dates: 20-23 February, 2020

Location: Otways National Park (2 hours from Melbourne)

Prices: $695 twinshare / $595 fourshare or camping

Prices include food, accommodation and tuition. A limited number of bursary-supported places are available for students, on application. Participants need to organise their own transport to and from the retreat.

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Teachers and Mentors

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee is an award-winning filmmaker and a Naqshbandi Sufi teacher. He has directed and produced numerous films including: Earthrise, Sanctuaries of Silence, Atomic Tree, Marie’s Dictionary, Isle de Jean Charles, Yukon Kings, Elemental, What Would It Look Like, and Barrio de Paz.

Emmanuel is also the founder and executive editor of Emergence Magazine, a publication exploring the threads connecting ecology, culture and spirituality. He lives and teaches in Point Reyes with his wife and two children.

Amrita Bhohi
Amrita Bhohi
Amrita is a spiritual ecology facilitator and educator. Her work offers experiences to reconnect people, the living world and the sacred.

She co-founded the spiritual ecology programme at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace in London, including an innovative leadership training for millennials. She holds an MA in ecological economics from Schumacher College.